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The Resurrected Lions [TRL]

The Resurrected Lions [TRL]
Guild The Resurrected Lions cape.jpg
Territory Europe 70x40.png Europe
Language Netherlands flag.png Dutch
Leader Savanna Rit Spammer
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members ~60
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP teamspeak
Webpage / forum
Time zone GMT+1

TRL is een Nederlandstalige PvE guild die zich inspant om snelle tijden in regular speedclears te halen.

Guild History

We are the descendants of The Belgium Lions Guild. We had to restart this new Guild because I, 'Savanna The Holy' was acused of using bots, no appeal was possible. I had to buy a new acount, rebuild everything I knew and thanks to some great members from the old guild we made the Lion better and at this very moment The ressurected lions was born. At first we started as a hardcore Kurz faction farming Guild and were for a very long time part of the then House zu Heltzer owning Alliance. Brand new with all the members of Lion it took us a lot of time to rebuild, but we made the Guild better, more active, stronger, more crazy and more funny. After 2 years the Guild was thriving so well that we had to make a second Guild to house all our members. So TRL luxon was created. But after a while both TRL Luxon and Kurzik reunited in 1 TRL. After this periode we turned to a PvE title hunting Guild. This recently changed when we started doing guild speed clears we now focus on doing DoA Trenchway, UW T-way and FoW T3/T4-way.


Interesse in een leuke Guild waarmee je sterke Speedclear runs kan doen? Kijk dan op ons forum voor de minimum eisen om te joinen.


  • Nederlands spreken.
  • Teamspeak 3 en een werkende mic geïnstalleerd/hebben.
  • Actief Speedclears kunnen/willen doen.
  • Respecteer, gedraag je en gebruik gezond verstand.

Contact information

Voor vragen neem contact op ingame met 1 van de onderstaande personen.


  • Savanna Rit Spammer


  • Serrel Dyn
  • Naloj Prime
  • The Kryta Assassin
  • Rox Shadowwalker
  • I Lovely Lotus I
  • The Assassin Dutch

Members With Userpage

The Incredible Edible Bookah Alliance
Leader The Incredible Edible Bookah
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