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Guild The Mirror Of Reason banner.jpg
The Mirror Of Reason [SNOW]
Guild The Mirror Of Reason cape.jpg
Territory International
Faction Luxon
Type Elite Pve
No. of members 90+
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
VoIP Ventrilo


This guild was formed from the fallen blooms of The Red Rose guild. We decided to change guilds because The Red Rose was made while on the European server on 27th October 2005. Unfortunately, the only way to transfer the guild completely to the American server was to start a new guild.

The name for the guild was chosen from the story by Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen. It was chosen for two reasons: firstly, we wanted to use the word SNOW as our replacement for the word ROSE - nobody in GW at the time used the word SNOW while lots used ROSE; secondly, the story not only refers to snow but has a small rhyme referring to roses that gave good reference to the previous guild transforming. The Mirror of Reason is the home of the Snow Queen and she describes it as unique and special - the only one of its kind in the world... what better name for a guild formerly known as The Red Rose that wanted to use the word SNOW. Thus the Mirror of Reason was born on 26th March 2006.

Our current cape is based on the repeated mention of flowers and rose in the story. "Often at midnight she [Snow Queen] flies through the streets, and peeps in at all the windows, and then they freeze in such pretty patterns and look like flowers." There is also the snowflake, which not only represents the story, but the guild as well.

In The Red Rose we had a policy whereby everyone was an officer. We decided to change this policy in the new guild because it became difficult for new members to determine who was able to help.

Under Nymph of Meliai, The Mirror of Reason was initially a PvX guild and we made top 20 rank in GvG on more than one occasion. However, as the game progressed and Nym stepped down from the leadership to concentrate more on real life happenings, the guild became much more HM PvE focused largely as a result of new leadership goals and desires of the members.

Game Philosophy[edit]

SNOW is a HM PvE guild. We like to do elite areas but we also like to do HM missions, dungeons and vanquishes. Our preference though is to do balanced and randomway groups rather than speed clears. We also have a fondness of doing campaignway - which are builds that only use the skills from a single campaign.


Founder: Nymph of Meliai
Guild Leader: Cookie Teh Monk / Seed Of Cookie
Lead Officer: Nymph of Meliai
Lead Member: Demia Frelluis Zara Zante

Upon Recruitment[edit]

The guild is there for people to work as a team and to have fun - not to spend alot of your time solo farming. DO NOT beg in the guild or alliance chat - ask for help by all means but do not beg. We ask all members of the alliance to be respectful and watch your language and behavior. We don't mind a little 'discreet' adult humor now and then, but nothing too much - we are a family guild. We also ask that people do not spam, the guild and/or alliance chat is not meant for trade. We have our rules - but we are a friendly bunch


Guild Wars 2[edit]

In Guild Wars 2 we split and merged into two guilds. Those with a PvP focus have joined the EU Seafarer's Rest server. Those with a PvE focus have joined the NA Tarnished Coast server. Whisper either Nymeria Meliae (PvP) or Zara Zante (PvE) for an invite.

Other information[edit]

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