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The Incredible Edible Bookah [YUM][edit]

The Incredible Edible Bookah [YUM]
Guild The Incredible Edible Bookah cape.jpg
Language English
Leader Delta Elite Sin
Faction Luxon.png Luxon
Type High End PvE
No. of members ~90
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Forums YUM site


The guild was created by Delta Elite Necro in February of 2008 and met with a downfall in mid-2009. We are now back in action after a core group of Elite Missions and HM players joined after splitting with Liars Cheats And Thieves in March of 2010.


We are interested in recruiting active Elite Mission and HM players. We are willing to train those that want to learn as well. We do expect recruits to be 18 or older and use vent. See our forums for details and expectations.


Feel free to contact any of our officers in game or drop us a message on our website.

Delta Elite Necro (Guild Leader)
Honey Sweet Death
Putrid Cystmonger
Mz Understood
Leroy Jman Assassin
Silent Herballife
Sin Maxx
Pre Thius
Koji Van Dyren
Cold Jo
Agate Skyborne


The Incredible Edible Bookah Alliance
Leader The Incredible Edible Bookah
Members Desolation Lords • Guild With No • Surpassing The Ordinary • The Mirror Of Reason • The Ressurected Lions