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Where The Dead Angels [lie]

Where The Dead Angels lie
Guild Where The Dead Angels cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader The Light Murderer
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 20
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead (guild hall)
VoIP Vent
Time zone GMT


RA - TA - AB are what we mostly do, however we may soon plan for HA in the near future.


We do quite alot of farming, mostly high end such as Underworld & Fissure of Woe and we do slavers exile quite often and are planning to do Urgoz Warren when we get the guild to a decent size.


This guild was formally known as International Farmers Union [IFU] but from guild discussion we decided that we need a new name and a new look. Thus we created Where The Dead Angels [lie].


For recruitment oppurtunities please message one of the following characters:

Qaraaslan Keyqubad

The Light Murderer

Dodji Ovamo

The Aristotel

Fissuremans Friend

Life Ritual

All players are welcome to join this guild...

Contact information

If you wish to contact anyone from this guild please message one of our recruiters and we will be happy to help.

Where The Dead Angel. Alliance
Leader Where The Dead Angel.
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