Guild:Young Money Merger (historical)

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Young Money Merger [YM]

Young Money Merger [YM]
Guild Young Money Merger cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick.png Kurzick
Type PvP (GvG)
Cape trim Gold

The current guild rank can be found here.

--> Previously: Under Pressure [uP]

Accomplishments in "Young Money Merger"

Core Roster

The core roster consists of players who regularly play in Automated Tournaments with the guild:

  • Farin Fencehopper (Farin)
  • On The Wing (Valk)
  • The Champ Is Here (Champ)
  • Pretty Boi Trojan (Trojan)
  • Ac K Me D (Ackmed)
  • Divine Three (Divine)
  • Nerd Three (Puma)
  • No Mas No Mas (No Mas)
  • Draconian Law (Less)

Rebel Rising Extended Edition Alliance
Leader Rebel Rising Extended Edition
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