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Chinese community localization


This project is designed to allow players to submit localized translations in Traditional Chinese language for outdated skills.


  • 現階段本項目只接受技能和技能名稱的翻譯,其它的翻譯不會被接納。
  • 無需為舊的技能名稱提供新的翻譯,請只翻譯還未翻譯的技能名稱。
  • 不同於臭蟲報告,一旦你的翻譯被接納,它將會完整的在下一次的遊戲更新出現。所以請提供完整的技能和技能名稱翻譯。
  • 在提供技能翻譯前請查詢右邊的Archive,看最新的翻譯是否已被提供。
  • 要報告遊戲的臭蟲(程式錯誤),請到Bug reports網頁.
  • 如果你不能確定翻譯是否有誤,請在報告前先到討論網頁,和與其它的wiki使用者討論.
  • 如果技能裡有數字的表述,像1...9,請用{{gr|1|9}}代替.
  • 請使用繁體中文,如有困難,請使用簡體翻繁體的工具
  • 如有疑問,可詢問Jason Yu
  • We are only accepting skill description and skill name translations at current stage, other translations would be rejected.
  • There is no need to provide a new skill name for a translated old skill name.
  • Unlike bug reports, once your translations has been accepted, it will definitely be in the game upon the next game update. Therefore, please do provide full and detailed skill and skill name descriptions.
  • Before submitting new skill description translations, please check the Archive page on the right. Make sure the latest translations have not already been submitted.
  • To report in-game bugs, please go to Bug reports page.
  • If you are uncertain whether your translation is correct or not, you can always discuss with other wiki users on the Discussion page prior to submitting.
  • If the skill description contains numeric values that will change depends on the attributes, such as 1...9, please use {{gr|1|9}} template instead.
  • Please limit the translation in Traditional Chinese. If you are having trouble, please use Convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese tool.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask Jason Yu.


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