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Yes: Submitted. 已回報

No: Wrong description. 翻譯有誤

No: Current description is fine, not need to be translated. 不需更動

Skill Completed
Aftershock Aftershock No
Air Attunement Air Attunement No
Arc Lightning Arc Lightning Yes 9/09
Armor of Earth Armor of Earth No
Armor of Frost Armor of Frost No
Armor of Mist Armor of Mist No
Ash Blast Ash Blast No
Aura of Restoration Aura of Restoration Yes 9/09
Bed of Coals Bed of Coals No
Blinding Flash Blinding Flash No
Blinding Surge Blinding Surge Yes 9/09
Blurred Vision Blurred Vision No
Breath of Fire Breath of Fire No
Burning Speed Burning Speed No
Celestial Storm Celestial Storm No
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Yes 9/09
Chilling Winds Chilling Winds No
Churning Earth Churning Earth No
Conjure Flame Conjure Flame No
Conjure Frost Conjure Frost No
Conjure Lightning Conjure Lightning No
Crystal Wave Crystal Wave No
Deep Freeze Deep Freeze No
Double Dragon Double Dragon Yes 9/09
Dragon's Stomp Dragon's Stomp No
Earth Attunement Earth Attunement No
Earthen Shackles Earthen Shackles Yes 9/09
Earthquake Earthquake No
Ebon Hawk Ebon Hawk Yes 9/09
Elemental Attunement Elemental Attunement No
Elemental Flame Elemental Flame Yes 9/09
Elemental Lord Elemental Lord Yes 9/09
Energy Blast Energy Blast No
Energy Boon Energy Boon Yes 9/09
Enervating Charge Enervating Charge No
Eruption Eruption No
Ether Prism Ether Prism Yes 9/09
Ether Prodigy Ether Prodigy No
Ether Renewal Ether Renewal No
Ether Renewal (PvP) Ether Renewal (PvP) No
Fire Attunement Fire Attunement No
Fire Storm Fire Storm No
Fireball Fireball No
Flame Burst Flame Burst No
Flame Djinn's Haste Flame Djinn's Haste No
Flare Flare No
Freezing Gust Freezing Gust No
Frigid Armor Frigid Armor No
Frozen Burst Frozen Burst No
Gale Gale No
Skill Completed
Glimmering Mark Glimmering Mark Yes 9/09
Glowing Gaze Glowing Gaze Yes 9/09
Glowing Ice Glowing Ice Yes 9/09
Glowstone Glowstone Yes 9/09
Glyph of Concentration Glyph of Concentration No
Glyph of Elemental Power Glyph of Elemental Power No
Glyph of Energy Glyph of Energy No
Glyph of Essence Glyph of Essence No
Glyph of Immolation Glyph of Immolation No
Glyph of Lesser Energy Glyph of Lesser Energy No
Glyph of Renewal Glyph of Renewal No
Glyph of Restoration Glyph of Restoration No
Glyph of Sacrifice Glyph of Sacrifice No
Glyph of Swiftness Glyph of Swiftness No
Grasping Earth Grasping Earth No
Gust Gust No
Ice Prison Ice Prison No
Ice Spear Ice Spear No
Ice Spikes Ice Spikes No
Icicles Icicles No
Icy Prism Icy Prism No
Icy Shackles Icy Shackles No
Immolate Immolate No
Incendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds No
Inferno Inferno No
Intensity Intensity No
Invoke Lightning Invoke Lightning No
Iron Mist Iron Mist No
Kinetic Armor Kinetic Armor No
Lava Arrows Lava Arrows No
Lava Font Lava Font No
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt No
Lightning Hammer Lightning Hammer No
Lightning Javelin Lightning Javelin No
Lightning Orb Lightning Orb Yes 9/09
Lightning Orb (PvP) Lightning Orb (PvP) Yes 9/09
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike No
Lightning Surge Lightning Surge No
Lightning Touch Lightning Touch Yes 9/09
Liquid Flame Liquid Flame No
Maelstrom Maelstrom No
Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura No
Magnetic Surge Magnetic Surge No
Mark of Rodgort Mark of Rodgort No
Master of Magic Master of Magic Yes 9/09
Meteor Meteor No
Meteor Shower Meteor Shower No
Mind Blast Mind Blast No
Mind Burn Mind Burn No
Mind Freeze Mind Freeze No
Mind Shock Mind Shock No
Skill Completed
Mirror of Ice Mirror of Ice Yes 9/09
Mist Form Mist Form No
Obsidian Flame Obsidian Flame No
Obsidian Flesh Obsidian Flesh No
Phoenix Phoenix No
Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning No
Rodgort's Invocation Rodgort's Invocation No
Rust Rust Yes 9/09
Sandstorm Sandstorm No
Savannah Heat Savannah Heat No
Savannah Heat (PvP) Savannah Heat (PvP) No
Searing Flames Searing Flames No
Searing Heat Searing Heat No
Second Wind Second Wind No
Shard Storm Shard Storm No
Shatterstone Shatterstone No
Shell Shock Shell Shock No
Shock Shock No
Shock Arrow Shock Arrow Yes 9/09
Shockwave Shockwave No
Slippery Ground Slippery Ground Yes 9/09
Sliver Armor Sliver Armor No
Smoldering Embers Smoldering Embers No
Star Burst Star Burst No
Steam Steam No
Stone Daggers Stone Daggers No
Stone Sheath Stone Sheath No
Stone Striker Stone Striker No
Stoneflesh Aura Stoneflesh Aura No
Stoning Stoning No
Storm Djinn's Haste Storm Djinn's Haste No
Swirling Aura Swirling Aura No
Teinai's Crystals Teinai's Crystals No
Teinai's Heat Teinai's Heat No
Teinai's Prison Teinai's Prison No
Teinai's Wind Teinai's Wind No
Thunderclap Thunderclap Yes 9/09
Unsteady Ground Unsteady Ground No
Vapor Blade Vapor Blade No
Ward Against Elements Ward Against Elements No
Ward Against Foes Ward Against Foes No
Ward Against Harm Ward Against Harm No
Ward Against Melee Ward Against Melee No
Ward Against Melee (PvP) Ward Against Melee (PvP) No
Ward of Stability Ward of Stability No
Ward of Weakness Ward of Weakness No
Water Attunement Water Attunement No
Water Trident Water Trident No
Whirlwind Whirlwind No
Windborne Speed Windborne Speed No
Winter's Embrace Winter's Embrace Yes 9/09