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This project is aimed towards the goal of making all GWW policies clear and concise by standardizing both language and formatting across policy articles. Note that the aims of this project do not revolve around actual changes to policy, but simply in reformatting and rewording policy articles while preserving their intent and function.

Policy proposal of the week[edit]

To focus discussion and stop policy proposals from being "forgotten", feel free to change the proposal listed here to any current policy proposal or policy change proposal, given that either the old proposal was removed or a week has passed.

Current proposal of the week: Guild Wars Wiki:Bots, added 04:30, 17 September 2007 (UTC)


The following editors have committed themselves to participation in this project:

To Do[edit]

(Feel free to add items to this list if you believe a policy is unclear or varies significantly from other policy articles in format.)

  • Formulate a standard formatting/wording guide for policy pages ( Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Policy? )
  • Guild Wars Wiki:Guild pages (not very "policy-like" apparently, with some restrictions actually found in the guidelines instead)
  • Check the existing policies/guideline proposals/draft and change the status if necessary (for example from proposed to inactive or rejected)

Useful Links[edit]