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Icon Name Animation File
Comfort Animal.jpg Comfort Animal No Image:Comfort Animal animation.gif
Bestial Pounce.jpg Bestial Pounce No Image:Bestial Pounce animation.gif
Predator's Pounce.jpg Predator's Pounce No Image:Predator's Pounce animation.gif
Bestial Fury.jpg Bestial Fury Yes Image:Bestial Fury animation.gif
Ferocious Strike.jpg Ferocious Strike No Image:Ferocious Strike animation.gif
Disrupting Lunge.jpg Disrupting Lunge No Image:Disrupting Lunge animation.gif
Charm Animal.jpg Charm Animal No Image:Charm Animal animation.gif
Tiger's Fury.jpg Tiger's Fury No Image:Tiger's Fury animation.gif
Maiming Strike.jpg Maiming Strike No Image:Maiming Strike animation.gif
Bestial Mauling.jpg Bestial Mauling Yes Image:Bestial Mauling animation.gif
Brutal Strike.jpg Brutal Strike No Image:Brutal Strike animation.gif
Strike as One.jpg Strike as One No Image:Strike as One animation.gif
Call of Haste.jpg Call of Haste No Image:Call of Haste animation.gif
Call of Protection.jpg Call of Protection No Image:Call of Protection animation.gif
Edge of Extinction.jpg Edge of Extinction Yes Image:Edge of Extinction animation.gif
Energizing Wind.jpg Energizing Wind Yes Image:Energizing Wind animation.gif
Enraged Lunge.jpg Enraged Lunge No Image:Enraged Lunge animation.gif
Feral Lunge.jpg Feral Lunge No Image:Feral Lunge animation.gif
Fertile Season.jpg Fertile Season Yes Image:Fertile Season animation.gif
Heal as One.jpg Heal as One No Image:Heal as One animation.gif
Heket's Rampage.jpg Heket's Rampage Yes Image:Heket's Rampage animation.gif
Lacerate.jpg Lacerate Yes Image:Lacerate animation.gif
Otyugh's Cry.jpg Otyugh's Cry No Image:Otyugh's Cry animation.gif
Pounce.jpg Pounce No Image:Pounce animation.gif
Predatory Bond.jpg Predatory Bond No Image:Predatory Bond animation.gif
Rampage as One.jpg Rampage as One No Image:Rampage as One animation.gif
Savage Pounce.jpg Savage Pounce No Image:Savage Pounce animation.gif
Predatory Season.jpg Predatory Season No Image:Predatory Season animation.gif
Primal Echoes.jpg Primal Echoes No Image:Primal Echoes animation.gif
Run as One.jpg Run as One No Image:Run as One animation.gif
Viper's Nest.jpg Viper's Nest No Image:Viper's Nest animation.gif
Symbiosis.jpg Symbiosis No Image:Symbiosis animation.gif
Symbiotic Bond.jpg Symbiotic Bond No Image:Symbiotic Bond animation.gif
Toxicity.jpg Toxicity No Image:Toxicity animation.gif
Melandru's Assault.jpg Melandru's Assault No Image:Melandru's Assault animation.gif
Companionship.jpg Companionship No Image:Companionship animation.gif
Feral Aggression.jpg Feral Aggression No Image:Feral Aggression animation.gif
Scavenger Strike.jpg Scavenger Strike No Image:Scavenger Strike animation.gif
Poisonous Bite.jpg Poisonous Bite No Image:Poisonous Bite animation.gif
Revive Animal.jpg Revive Animal No Image:Revive Animal animation.gif
Charm Animal (monster skill).jpg Charm Animal No Image:Charm Animal animation.gif