Helping the Dwarves

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Helping the Dwarves
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Grand Mason Stonecleaver
in Yak's Bend
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Followed by Minaar's Trouble
Type Secondary quest
Helping the Dwarves map.jpg
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Find the Dwarven Scout Rangil Ironbow and see if your new allies need any assistance.

Quest information[edit]



Early benefits[edit]



Go out from Yak's Bend and start down the path toward Borlis Pass, when you come to the split in the road, go either west or north. Both paths re-join near a bridge. Cross the bridge (to the entrance of the Iron Horse Mine area) and talk to Rangil.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Grand Mason Stonecleaver
"These thrice-damned Stone Summit raiders are making things tough on both our peoples. If ye had an inclination to help the Dwarves out with something... Listen, I recently sent a scout into Stone Summit territory, and I'm sure he could use the help of an extra hammer. If ye'd be willing to help him out, I'd make it worth yer time and give ye something in the way of some skills to aid ye on yer journey. Rangil Ironbow be the name of me scout, and ye can find him up north toward the Iron Horse mine."
"Will ye lend us yer aid?"
Yes Accept: "I would be honored to aid you."
No Decline: "I've enough trouble helping my own people."
Ask Ask: "Find Rangil Ironbow up north and see if he can use yer help."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Rangil Ironbow
"So old Stonecleaver sent ye, eh? To tell ye the truth, I do have a few tasks that I could use a hand with. I appreciate yer help."


  • This is the start of a long quest arc. Because the quest giver for the remaining quests is some distance from the nearest town, it will save some time to do the arc in one trip.
  • Since the skills are given upon accepting this quest, you can actually learn all the skills. Simply take the quest, abandon it, switch secondary professions, then take the quest again. Repeat until your character learns all the skills.