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Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Commander Tanmod
in Dzagonur Bastion
Preceded by For Your Ears Only
Followed by Population Control
Type Secondary quest
Interception Mission Map.jpg
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Ambush the Kournans and intercept the heket weapons supply shipment.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet up with Scout Dehra.
  • Intercept the weapon shipment.
  • See Commander Tanmod for your reward.



Meet with Scout Dehra outside Dzagonur Bastion and head south with her to intercept and destroy the Kournan caravan. Be aware of the groups of creatures and Margonites along the way. Once the Kournans have been dealt with, return to Dzagonur Bastion for your reward.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Commander Tanmod

"We have to stop that shipment, but we'll need your help once again. I have a scout, Dehra, who is watching the major trade routes. Meet up with her. If anyon can find the caravan we're looking for, it'll be Dehra. You must stop those weapons and supplies from reaching the heket camp, or else Vabbi will be ovrerun and even the Citadel of Dzagon could be lost. Make haste and send that cursed caravan to Balthazar!"
Yes Accept: "The heket won't know what hit them!"
No Decline: "The heket won't know I'm there...because I won't be."
Ask Ask: "Quick! You must intercept the supply shipment or else the Citadel of Dzagon is doomed."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Scout Dehra

"Aye, I've seen Kournans on the move. Loaded down with heavy burdens, they were. Those would be your weapons, I'll wager. You'll find them up ahead. Let me come with you, and we can make quick work of them."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Shipment Guard Captain: "Trouble has come our way. If it's trouble they are looking for, that's exactly what we'll give 'em!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Commander Tanmod

"Thank the gods you made it back in one piece. I heard reports that the forces accompanying that shipment had more troops with it than expected. Without the additional supplies and reinforcements, any attempt to take the Citadel of Dzagon is crippled, at least for now. Best we stay on our toes. If Varesh truly wants to take the Citadel, she may now commit her own troops."


  • Combines well with The Search for Survivors to give some useful warrior allies.
  • Leaving from Honur Hill and killing the Shipment Guard Captain without meeting Scout Dehra first does not mark the quest as complete. You must meet with Scout Dehra just outside the Bastion to get credit first.