Lieutenant Kao Li

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Lieutenant Kao Li
Crimson Skull monk.jpg
Affiliation Crimson Skull
Type Human
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 24
Campaign Beyond

Lieutenant Kao Li is one of the Crimson Skull summoned to a secret meeting by Reisen the Phoenix and Apep, Unending Night.



Quests involved in:


"I don't know who these Elonian Corsairs think they are, but I promise you we are the fiercest pirates ever to plague the seas!"
Ask "Yeah, I bet those Corsairs don't even have boats!"
"No boats? Then how do you suppose they got to our ISLAND? Please leave before I catch whatever made you such a fool!"
Ask "You'll have your chance to prove your prowess in piracy soon!"
"Aye! And when we're done I'll raise the Crimson Skull flag so high you'll be able to see it for miles around Kaineng Center!"
Ask "May the wind be at your back!"