Little Lost Bear

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Little Lost Bear
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Kaya
in Wajjun Bazaar
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
Little Lost Bear map.jpg
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Find the bear and return it to Kaya.

Quest information[edit]



Environmental changes[edit]

Once this quest is completed, the Old Chest will no longer spawn in Wajjun Bazaar.


Starting from Nahpui Quarter, follow the upper-level street that is right next to Paomu and Qian. Continue following it down, fighting Am Fah along the way, until you find an Old Chest. Click on it to receive the Tattered Bear quest item. Return it to Kaya for your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Of all the things to leave behind! In our hurry to evacuate, I forgot my son's old, tattered bear. Now that the plague has taken my son from me, it is all that I have left of him. Please, kind soul, if you happen to run across it, will you return it to me? It may not look like much, but to me, it is priceless."
Yes Accept: "I'll keep my eyes open for it."
No Decline: "Sorry, I have more important things to worry about."
Ask Ask: "That tattered bear should be around here somewhere. Please let me know if you find it."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"I do not have much to offer you, but I hope this, along with my eternal gratitude, is enough."