Norn Gravestone

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Norn Gravestone
Norn Gravestone.jpg
Type Monument
Campaign Eye of the North

There are three Norn Gravestones found just outside Gunnar's Hold, they commemorate the noteworthy deeds of three Norn heroes.



Gravestone 1

Here lies Erik Firebeard, slayer of the great ice drake Keilthass, crusher of the Dwarven Lord Mundoon, and drinker of twelve casks of ale in a single sitting.

Gravestone 2

Here rests Hrodi Icecrusher, who climbed to the top of the great mountain and slew the glacial griffin[sic] with his bare hands, fashioning the head into a stylish helm so all who saw him would know of his great deed.

Gravestone 3

Here rests[sic] the remains of Barn Frostfeet, who walked from one end of the Shiverpeak Mountains to the other barefoot and drank a pint of ale in toast to each tree he saw along the way.


  • Right near the gravestone of Barn Frostfeet, there is a patch of red ferns, which is said to be planted by angels on the graves of good souls.