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A non-player character (NPC) is a creature that is not under the control or management of any player (not a character). NPCs can be friendly or hostile. NPCs mostly serve a game play function. An example of this is a trader, combat ally or non-charmable animals.

Technically, henchmen, heroes and pets are NPCs, but they inhabit a grey area in the definition due to the fact they can be directed by players.

Hostile NPCs are often referred to as "mobs" or "monsters".

Types of NPCs[edit]

In addition to all the NPC types identified as NPC services, the following round up the list of NPC types:

The NPCs can be easily differentiated by their names. Generic NPCs have the common or generic names, for example: Ascalon Guard, Vabbian Peasant, Bandit Raider, Frigid Skale. Non-generic NPCs have the unique names: the name, nickname or family name for human-like characters, or specific nickname for non-humans. Unique allies, besides participation in quests and missions, may give some information if you interact with them. Unique foes are usually the bosses or boss-like NPCs, but also may be the key figures in quests and mission objectives.


  • In towns and outposts, the names of allied NPCs and party members will be shown by pressing down the ALT key, while all other players will be shown by pressing the CTRL key.
  • In explorable areas, missions, dungeons and PvP battles etc., all allied/neutral NPCs/party members will be shown by pressing the ALT key, while enemy NPCs will be shown by pressing the CTRL key.

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