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The term pre-veil describes casting and maintaining Holy Veil on one or more targets before engaging the enemy or during a battle. This tactic gives several advantages:

  • It allows instant removal of a choice hex from your target, before enemy hexers get a chance to cover it.
  • The 100% slower hex casting time allows plenty of time to interrupt the hexes.
  • It allows energy to regenerate, so you can start a battle with full energy.
  • It can be used in this manner to remove a hex from yourself without triggering the cast effect. E.g. Diversion or Shame.
  • Lastly, it allows time for Holy Veil to recharge, so it can be used again immediately when battle begins (instead of waiting 12 seconds to cast Holy Veil again).

Common choices for pre-veiling are frontline and the Monks themselves - stripping anti-attack hexes off physical attackers or anti-spellcaster hexes off Monks can turn the tide of battle. It is one of the few defenses Monks have against shutdown hexes, as it allows them to remove them in a way that is not subject to the shutdown itself.