Ranger Norn armor

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Ranger Norn armor
Profession Ranger Ranger-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Eye of the North
PvP Norn
PvP reward class Basic
Ranger Norn armor f.jpg Ranger Norn armor m.jpg
Female gallery Male gallery

Ranger Norn armor is a prestige armor art type available in the Eye of the North expansion. You need to have acquired at least rank 5 (Slayer of Wurms) in the Norn title track to be permitted to craft this armor.

Location Armorer AR Cost Mask Vest Gloves Leggings Boots   Total cost
Gunnar's Hold Radi 70 10 Platinum 50 Tanned Hide Square(s)
5 Fur Square(s)
150 Tanned Hide Square(s)
15 Fur Square(s)
50 Tanned Hide Square(s)
5 Fur Square(s)
100 Tanned Hide Square(s)
10 Fur Square(s)
50 Tanned Hide Square(s)
5 Fur Square(s)
50 Platinum 400 Tanned Hide Square(s)
40 Fur Square(s)
Bug Bug.If the armor is dyed red, the inventory icons appear brown.
Bug Bug.The fur trim has clipping issues with displayed guild capes.
Bug Bug.The female mask disappears when zoomed out enough.

Ranger Ranger armor art
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