Revenge of the Yeti

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Revenge of the Yeti
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Wulk Cragfist
in Sunqua Vale
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Secondary quest
Revenge of the Yeti map.jpg
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Help Wulk Cragfist enact his revenge upon the Sensali Tengu.

Quest information[edit]



  • Follow Wulk Cragfist to the Sensali Tengu camp and avenge his fallen companions.
  • See Wulk Cragfist for your reward.



After acquiring the quest, head northwest from Wulk Cragfist. As a large group of Tengu becomes visible, Wulk Cragfist will cry out and charge towards them. Help with defeat this group of 6 to 8 Tengu (quest-specific spawn). Although Wulk Cragfist is of a much higher level, if you do not help him, the combined damage from all the Tengu is sufficient to take him down. Once this group of Tengu has been slain, claim your reward from Wulk Cragfist.



Tengu (6 to 8 in total)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Wulk Cragfist

"Wulk Cragfist came seeking meat to feed Cragfist clan. Sensali Tengu attack Wulk and Wulk's brothers. Cragfist clan fight well, but brothers all slain. Wulk Cragfist left for dead, too weak to avenge brothers. Human strong. Avenge Wulk Cragfist's brothers. Kill Sensali Tengu and Wulk Cragfist will give human some reward of value. Has human the courage to do this?"
Yes Accept: "Human will... that is, I will help you."
No Decline: "You know what would be some good revenge? Doing this yourself."
Ask Ask: "Help avenge Cragfist clan. Kill Sensali Tengu!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Wulk Cragfist: "Human follow Wulk Cragfist!"
Wulk Cragfist: "Wulk see Tengu. This way, human!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Wulk Cragfist

"Vengeance served, Wulk Cragfist has human to thank. Dead brothers' spirits now at peace. Take reward...but do not come this way again."


  • Since he is a tall creature, the quest markers will not be visible
  • If Wulk Cragfist dies, you have to rezone, defeat him again, and talk to him about the quest to make the quest active again. If he dies, the quest will fail.
  • You can make this quest a little easier by taking Yijo Tahn (Study Buddy quest) along with you.
  • If you stay where you are after getting the quest from him, Wulk will be invincible (as long as his name is grey in the party list from being out of your range) but he will still be able to kill the Tengu making this quest virtually unfailable.
Anomaly Anomaly. When the quest is completed, Wulk Cragfist is not removed from the party list. Instead he remains in his location as an ally member until you are out of Sunqua Vale.


  • The name of the quest Revenge of the Yeti may be a reference to Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Episode VI Return of the Jedi, or more likely the teaser title of Episode VI, Revenge of the Jedi.