Wulk Cragfist

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Wulk Cragfist
Yeti red.jpg
Affiliation Shing Jea Island wildlife
Type Ogre
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 12 (20)
Campaign Factions
Wulk Cragfist map.jpg
Location in Sunqua Vale

Wulk Cragfist is a Yeti that will be hostile at first. It will turn friendly when defeated and offer you the Revenge of the Yeti quest.



Quests given:



"Wulk Cragfist am shamed to ask your help, but have no choice. Fallen brothers of Cragfist clan must be avenged."


  • If you are using spirits that do enough damage, he will die before becoming friendly.
  • If, after activating the quest you do not follow Wulk, he will go ahead of you and kill the Sensali needed to complete the quest. He does not seem to suffer damage unless you are present.