Scouting Ferndale

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Scouting Ferndale
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Forestermaster Vasha
in Ferndale
(Echovald Forest)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Scouting Ferndale map.jpg
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Search Ferndale for Luxon scout groups and destroy them.

Quest information[edit]


  • Search Ferndale for Luxon scout]] groups and destroy them. [4...0] Luxon scout group[s] remaining.
  • See Forestmaster Vasha for your reward.





Humans (Luxons)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Forestermaster Vasha
"Good Timing, <character name>! No Doubt, the gods had a hand in your arrival. Listen, Luxon Scouts have been sighted in Ferndale. My Scouts lost them, but they can't have gone far. We need help searching the rest of Ferndale. If these Luxon scout are able to reach their borders and reporting their findings, I'm afraid we'll be facing a imminent attack."
Yes Accept: "I will find and destroy the Luxon Scouts."
No Decline: "I'm busy right now."
Ask Ask: "Are you going to help us find those Luxon scouts who've infiltrated Ferndale? Well then, what are you waiting for? Who knows what they might be up to!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Forestermaster Vasha
"Good work, <character name>. Of course, I knew that you'd be successful... there was that sign last night when the winds grew especially strong, and then again this morning, when I stumbled upon that especially large ring of mushrooms... Oh, and then there was that pinecone that fell on my head... Anyhow, thanks to you, the Luxons will likely think twice before trying to infiltrate Ferndale again."


  • You must return to Forestermaster Vasha without exiting the map; leaving Ferndale resets the quest even when marked as completed.
  • This quest works well with the other Ferndale repeatable quest Kurzick Supply Lines. The beginning of that quest is not far from the last group for this one, and the rewards are next to each other just outside Lutgardis Conservatory. Therefore start from Lutgardis, do this quest and finish with Kurzick Supply Lines.