Kurzick Supply Lines

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Kurzick Supply Lines
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Supplymaster Konrad
in Ferndale
(Echovald Forest)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Kurzick Supply Lines map.jpg
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Deliver supplies to the Kurzick front lines.

Quest information[edit]




After accepting the quest, you will receive a bundle of Kurzick Supplies, which you must carry to Quartermaster Mikhail. Follow the map marker and fight your way through Ferndale. This quest triggers eight Luxon spawns along the various paths to Lutgardis Conservatory, though you will only need to encounter a few of them on the way, just dispatch them and go on. Should you drop the bundle along the route, it will ping the compass map to remind you to pick it up.

About halfway, you will see Mugra Swiftspell and some Dredge. It is possible to sneak past this group without a fight. At the next fork, turn left and immediately right again. On this way you will encounter two groups of Wardens. Try to lure the second group near where you fought the first group, because next to the second group's spawn place will also be a Luxon and Oni popup location, which can be deadly for your party. When you can target Quartermaster Mikhail, there is only one popup group of Wardens left (in the narrow corridor) and a group of Luxons right in front of Mikhail. You can just run past both of these and get your quest reward.



Humans (Luxons)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Supplymaster Konrad
"Hmph. Another outsider who wants our help, eh? Well, if you want help from the Kurzicks, you'd better be prepared to help us in return. The Luxons think they can outlast us, but we have enough supplies to last for years to come. Our problem is getting the supplies to those that need them: the troops on the front lines. Those Luxon cowards keep attacking our supply caravans, and I can't spare the guards to fend them off. We need another way to get the supplies to the front, and I'd say you fit the bill. Deliver these supplies to Quartermaster Mikhail, and then we'll talk about what help we can offer you in return."
Yes Accept: "A delivery? Sure, sounds simple enough."
No Decline: "Find someone else to play postman."
Ask Ask: "Why are you talking to me? Take these supplies to Quartermaster Mikhail on the front lines!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

These appear when Luxon groups spawn; there is one dialogue per group and no order to the lines.

Luxon Elementalist: "Stop them before they reach the front lines!"
Luxon Ranger: "Die, Kurzick! Die!"
Luxon Assassin: "Give up, fools! We are everywhere!"
Luxon Necromancer: "Give us the supplies and we might let you live!"
Luxon Ranger: "Drop the supplies if you value your life!"
Luxon Assassin: "The fools didn't even send a caravan! Get them!"
Luxon Elementalist: "Thought you could get away didn't you?"
Luxon Ranger: "You can't defeat all of us!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Quartermaster Mikhail
"You have proven your worth, outlander. We Kurzicks are in your debt."


  • You can rush through (using a running build) without fighting; you are not required to kill the Luxon groups.
  • This quest is suited well as a pointer for the way from House zu Heltzer to Lutgardis Conservatory, since Quartermaster Mikhail stands right in front of the entry to Lutgardis.
  • This quest works well with the other Ferndale repeatable quest Scouting Ferndale. The last group of that quest is not far from the beginning for this one, and the rewards are next to each other just outside Lutgardis Conservatory. Therefore start from Lutgardis, do Scouting Ferndale and finish with this quest.
Anomaly Anomaly.If Lutgardis Conservatory is under Luxon control, the Luxon Guards at the resurrection shrine will attack any hostile Luxons.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the Luxon groups will spawn even if this quest is not in your Quest Log, though once you have completed the quest they will not spawn again.