Skale and Magic Compass

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Skale and Magic Compass
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Lieutenant Murunda
in Zehlon Reach
Type Secondary quest

Quest information[edit]



  • Seek out Master Engineer Jakumba in Zehlon Reach.
  • Lure the fierce skale by attacking his brethren by the fishing docks. x of 4 groups remain.
  • Recover Jakumba's magical compass from the fierce skale.
  • Return the magical compass to Jakumba.
  • See Lieutenant Murunda for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]


Start from Jokanur Diggings. Head North to find Lieutenant Murunda. She is located next to the resurrection shrine along side some stone pillars and columns.

After taking the quest, you need to talk to Master Engineer Jakumba, who is just outside of compass range to the East along the northern bank of the water. He will send you to the North to hunt down the skale who took his compass. Kill the small groups of Hungry Skale until you find the Fierce Skale who will drop the compass.

Once the compass is retrieved, simply return it to Master Engineer Jakumba, then return to Lieutenant Murunda to turn in the quest.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Murunda

"Prince Ahmtur the Mighty of the Citadel of Dzagon has placed his trust in me. He has sent me to Istan, to find and hire the brilliant Master Engineer Jakumba. We are having somewhat of a problem with raiders attacking in Vabbi currently, and some world-renowned siege weapons designed by Jakumba should solve our problems. I'm told he lives out in these wilds. Would you mind helping me look for him?"
Yes Accept: "It would be my pleasure."
No Decline: "I'm sorry but i'm on official Sunspear buisness."
Ask Ask: "Keep your eye out for Master Engineer Jakumba. He must be out here somewhere."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Master Engineer Jakumba

"I would love to work on a new project in Vabbi, but, you see, I can't. I just can't! I haven't been able to do anything since i lost my precious magical compass. Without it I can't even draw a straight line let alone a perfect circle. I lost it just last week while fishing by the docks. It accidentally dropped in the water, and the next thing I know a fierce skale swallowed it whole! If you can manage to get it back for me, I'm sure i could do the job."

Master Engineer Jakumba

"My magical compass! I never thought I'd see it again. Thank you so much. Now I can design the greatest siege weaponry the world has seen yet."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Murunda

"Thank you, <character name>! Prince Ahmtur will be very pleased to head that Jakumba is returning with me to Vabbi. If you ever find yourself in Vabbi, please feel free to drop by and pay us a visit."