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Strategy: Split[edit]

If you have Pain Inverter, bring it and go get the bosses. Pain Inverter makes it a lot easier than ever.

I was just working on my protector title and it took me quite a while to finally beat this mission. I finally just managed to get masters on the mission with another player and I'm posting this to help anyone else out that needs it. It took quite a few tries but we figured a strategy out. The way we did it was put 1 MM on either side with a healing monk right behind them. Send all of the Whispers to the middle. For the remaining 4 party members, we had 2 elementalists (the players), a zb monk and a mm. We cleared the two bosses on the right first (monk and dervish I believe). The elementalist boss has a lot of firepower and was not easy at all to take down first for us as the wiki suggested. After the two bosses on the right were down without too much effort, the MM and healer on the right could be taken in the attack force and it was pretty easy to take out the other two bosses. Good luck with the mission! 06:47, 17 November 2007 (UTC)

Single Person Masters 2017[edit]

I sent all the defenders to the east barricade. What really helped me was running a 2nd Minion Master (Master of Whispers w/ AoTL, too) and popping a mysterious summoning stone as well as one blue rock candy. I ran 2 AoTL Minion Masters (Olias/Master of Whispers), Gwen (Ineptitude), Norgu (Panic), Razah (Energy Surge) and Xandra as soul-twisting w/ the usual Shelter, Union & Displacement. What really gave me a hard time was the last elementalist boss. Make sure to pull him w/ a bow and get your defensive spirits up or he'll very likely wipe your party.

Using an elaborate strategy wasn't necessary I found. Once I added in a 2nd Aura of the Lich minion master and replaced Ogden (Ray of Judgement) with Razah for extra damage the mission fell into place. The trash mobs died in seconds after the minions caught up with them. The Warrior/Monk bosses were push overs. The only thing I really needed to do was aggro General Tirraj w/ a bow, spread out a bit and the mission was a breeze (after 3-4 failed attempts, anyway)--LunarRXA (talk) 20:19, 10 March 2017 (UTC)

Single person Masters[edit]

This is what worked for me: It took 2x tries, but in the end this was effective, so I thought I'd share it with all. My Derv used this:

The Set Up: I had all 3 Necro's (Whispers, Olias, and Livia) All set up at Minion masters I flagged each one at a bombard, along with a Whispers Acolite group at each.

Step One: Defend. I ran around with my Henchies (Mhenlo, Devona, Cynn and Herta) assisting in the defense and rezzing Heroes as needed. This gave MM's an ample supply of bodies and allowed them to hold off waves for a while.

Step Two: After the rifts open I took The Eastern Necro and attacked the Warrior Boss first. Then moved to the Monk Boss. When I had those two down I sent BOTH MM to the West Bombard to defend together. Sweeping area for straggler foes, I moved to the Paragon who went down easly.

Step Three: Unflagged everybody and went full force to the Elem Boss. I had 3 MM Necros with 9 minions each. The Elem boss IS the hardest, but he went down weeping with that undead force.

All 6 defenses intact. Masters Victory.

IrishRedneck 20:44, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

You did this on NM or HM? Arduinna talk 10:11, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

NM and same tactic used for HM IrishRedneck 05:25, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

An easy way to get Masters

I found this way to be much easier than the other suggestions: Make sure you have lightbringers gaze, it will come in handy for the bosses and the other margonites.

First of all send all the whispers to the east. Then place your team in the middle between the western and the center. Defend this, and kill all the incoming enemies. They will come in small groups down towards the western and the center. Just leave the eastern to the whispers to defend. Use your running skills if you have any to quickly move between center and western part and kill all mobs. Always keep your eye on your quest map for incoming enemies out of your immediate sight. If you move quickly you dont have to flag any heroes at all, and with your whole team gathered you will kill enemies so much quicker.

When the generals arrive, kill them with your whole team going from west to east. After one boss, quickly run back down again and defend the center gate. Then take down the next boss, with the boss at the east last. *done*--Tommy Mag 23:56, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

I've found this way to be the easiest and most convenient, mostly because Im used to having my 2 monks(surely not 3 mms) as heroes. Devona is a very good companion in this mission, since her Charge! gives party great mobility. Gunm 14:57, 5 December 2008 (UTC)
I completed Masters for this tonight with heroes/players in HM using the strategy suggested by Tommy Mag. Sending all 3 of the Whispers groups to the East, while having our team defend the middle, was much easier. Moving as one whole group we cleared the middle, went for a boss group, went back to the middle, and gradually worked our way East. I admit, the Whispers' numbers were a little thin when we finally arrived at the East boss, but they held their side together well enough and didn't let anything get through. Instead of bringing a team-wide running skill to move our mob around faster, we used an Essence of Celerity at the start of the mission. This made things much easier. --User Angel 1.pngBunny - Angel talk 21:13, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
I just completed this in HM with H/H and the strategy I used, basically Tommy Mag's suggestion, made it very easy. After about three wipes, I got a good build and team figured out and had no trouble holding them off. I was playing as a warrior with Hundred Blades, Pain Inverter (for the bosses), and Lightbringer's Gaze. My heroes were an MM, a smiter, and a monk. For hench, I chose Kihm, Cynn, Herta, and Devona. I sent all 3 Whispers to the East. Most of the small groups clump up, so killing them was a breeze. Once the Generals appeared, I killed the first group headed toward the West, then immediately went for General Doriah. After killing the General, and not the enemies around him, I flagged my H/H back to the center and ran back. As mentioned on the main page under "Hard mode", Margonites do not follow you back to the defensive structures. So, I ran to the center, killed anything that was there, then ran back up a bit to kill off the Kournans that had followed me. After each small group, I immediately went for the next boss, from West to East, and then ran back to the center. No need for a conset, BU, or even running skills. I found this to not be that bad after I read everyone's suggestions. Thanks for the help! FloppyJoe 01:39, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

No serious way to get Masters

Trying to solo master this mission in HM is akin to suicide. Not to say that it cannot be done, but it requires a lot of dedication, and you have to be ready for (too) many failures. I have decided to stop trying after more than ten attempts. None of the indication on this page is of any help for this mission. There is no problem up to killing the first boss ; hoiwever, at that point, you face a choice: either you finish the fight with the mob around, and in that case you lose the central bombard in a very short time, and then have to try and run after that group, meaning you lose too much time, or you try to disengage to catch the groups at the central bombard, but then you're just overrun by sheer numbers (the group you fought follows you, and you find yourself engaged with new groups.) The rate at which groups spawn is just too difficult to keep with. It might possibly be done if the groups at the east bombard could keep up indefinitely, but that's not the case... I still wonder why heroes don't have a right to PvE only skills, and why teams cannot be made exclusively of heroes : this wouild place solo teams somewhat on par with multiplayer teams. I hope that Anet reads this and correct the situation, and also that it doesn't make the same mistake in GW2. After all, there are quite a lot of solo playeres around...Yvesp 10:55, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Done it after all ; twenty tries later maybe. Used a lot of time finding a build for me and heroes that seemed able to do the job. Then, I took a lot of attempts to understand the timings of the groups. The best thing to know is that the last group before the generals spawn appears not far from the monk boss (second from western side.) He should be a tough nut, but you can actually use the situation to your advantage. Take your time when fighting that last group. Move up to where the general will spawn, and finish the fight with the last group gently, taking your time to resplenish your energy and more generally having a fresh skill bar. At this time, I also put my group on steroids with a lot of consumable, including a summoning stone. Exactly at the moment the last of that group dies, the generals spawn. Immediately spike him (he's the monk boss with spell breaker, so I used the bear form from EoN for that spike). After he is dead, disengage and intercept the group heading to the west bombard. This is actually where the tougher fight will take place ; disengaging is not a sure thing, although the spedd boost are a great boon for that ; also, depending on previous fights, the vabbi soldiers in the middle may or may not intecept the group headed to the central bombard. And you don't have much time to fight the western group (headed to the bombard), the general's (fighter boss) group, and the likely reinforcement that will likely arrive while you fight. You need some luck to defeat the general fast and then disengage. Again, the consumable boosts are very welcome, and in that fight I felt a real difference. Then you head to the middle and help the last vabbi soldiers defeat a group, and move on fast to defeat the third boss (parangon). Once down, try to disengage fast enough to avoid the fight with the likely reinforcements. You should try to get as near as possible to the last boss (elmentalist.) If posible, take some rest : much depend on the situation ; in my case, the vabbi guards (all east) were defeated and the boss was moving toward the bombard. Overall, I think luck had as much to do with my success than anything else, even though in one previous try I managed to almost succeed (the last b oss was at 10% health when I was wiped out.) I take nothing from my previous post and hope Anet will improve solo plability.Yvesp 14:03, 18 October 2009 (UTC)

Hard Mode Masters[edit]

I now have my Guardian of Elonia title and found this was the hardest mission to Master in Hard Mode. But after some trial and error I found this the easiest way: Take one player Tank (I went as a Shadow Form Tank but a 55 monk or 330hp Earth Ele should also work. if a player is not capable of soloing taking a monk hero to bond should be possible) Then one other player with Heros and Henchies(or more players and heros if you have them)

Dzagonur Bastion map.jpg

How to do it:

  • All of the NPCs are sent west to guard the west bombard
  • The tank goes east and hold agro away from the eastern bombard
  • The other 7 players hold the middle running west to help the whispers if they need it. (this team should have a minnion master.)

Once the bosses spawn

  • The 7 player team move from the West boss over to the East boss killing everything along the way.

(note - if the tank to the east has shadow form and sliver armour he/she can solo the 2 bosses on the easter side)

Well done and easy Masters in Hard Mode. 11:05, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Sounds good, must give that a try sometimes when I decide to do it. Thanks!--Burning Freebies 20:24, 3 March 2009 (UTC)
Don't the necromancers have enchantment removal, making a 55-monk pointless. Flaming Hot Chilli 09:05, 26 June 2009 (UTC)
A 600/smite team with Spell Breaker works, though. That's how I (a war) finally got my Guardian title, with the aid of a pug. In fact, this is the only mission I've had to do with other players, rather than hero/henching it through. Even Gate of Madness is relatively straightforward with H/H, albeit long and with little margin for error. Any mission where you have to split is going to be hard with H/H, and one where you have to defend as well is doubly so. -- Hong 17:18, 26 July 2009 (UTC)
Still figuring out a way to do this as a Warrior, with a friend and heroes. There are some other nasty HM missions out there, like Jennur's Horde, Dasha Vestibule and Gate of Madness, but this is definitely the hardest HM mission in the game IMO. Astralphoenix777 18:15, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

Middle Approach[edit]

I don't wish to sound redundant here, but for people like me who need more specific strategies than the ones outlined above... I also had trouble clearing this mission with Heroes and Henchmen, wiping 5 times before getting masters. A final change in strategy seemed to be the trick:

I took a middle-of-the-road approach to the strategies above. My team consisted of myself (Earth Elementalist, AOE sandstorm/eruption/churning earth build), Two identical minion masters (using shambling and bone horrors, Blood of the master, with monk secondaries for healing themselves), a healing/Divine intervention monk, and the henchmen Mhenlo, Cynn, Herta, and Devona.

Initial setup was all the whisper units on the eastern bombard, one minion master at the central bombard, and my main (now 7 man) team in the west/central region, slightly forward for fast interception of incoming units. After killing a couple groups with my main team, I swapped the main team MM with the central bombard MM (there weren't enough corpses nearby for the central MM to get a decent force, so I swapped). I also endeavored to keep the (3?) vabbian guards in the central-forward region alive, so when the bosses spawned, that took enough pressure off the central bombard that I had the few extra seconds I needed to swarm the first boss.

Like the other strategies suggest, once the bosses had spawned, I went west to east, one at a time, falling back to defend the central and Western bombards as necessary. Taking out the westmost boss ASAP (I was within about flatbow range when he spawned, to give an idea of the main team's general area) meant for very little pressure on the west bombard thereafter, and having an extra minion master with plenty of minions hanging back at the central area was more to give me a few extra seconds to come help than for providing actual defense.

For the second boss, I kept one minion master at the central bombard and worked my way forward, careful to *intercept* any groups that seemed to be headed for the central area, especially during the duration of the boss' spell breaker.

After the second boss fell (I again had to fall back and defend for a wave), I moved the center bombard minion master to the eastern bombard to reinforce the dwindling whisper units, while the main team worked it's way up to the third boss.

The fourth, elementalist boss didn't put up much of a fight once I could bring my whole team up to bear on him.

General Tactics: I think the hardest part about this approach is timing. If you rush a boss at a bad time, you still leave your central (and possibly western, if you aren't careful) bombard relatively undefended. Keep your eyes on the radar, not your skill panel. This mission is more about positioning, intercepting and timing than skills. Don't be afraid to pull your group off the second or third boss to go defend a bombard (just don't use flags to do so or your team will die as you run). Also, you do not need to kill all the enemies at the portals. Once the boss is dead, fall back to the bombards. If you are chased, kill the ones chasing you, but the ones you leave behind at the portals tend to just stay there.

I hope this helps!

Please sign next time. But, sounds like a relatively decent guide. --Burning Freebies 21:09, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

Other way for doing this mision in HM[edit]

After several times to get masters for this mission in hm with heroes/henchs I decide to use Cons. Armor of Salvador, Essence of Celerity and Grail of Might. The difference was surpassing I killed all the mobs (most of them) and the generals easily and faster, and all the defenses were intact. The rest of my tactic was...

  • All of the NPCs are sent to guard the East bombard.
  • I used a mm r16 with Shambing Horror, Golem and Vampiric horror,
  • Master of wispers such as rit spammer.
  • Acolyte Sousluke like a nuker
  • Herta, Mhelo, Odura and Kihm.
  • Such as a mesmer also I decide to be a rit spammer spirt support. some attacking spirits Master of W, some different attacking spirits, me...

At the beginning I was able to defend the center and west bombards easily and faster, without to split the party in 2. By circumstances, I killed first Nikmak then I went faster to kill Kumtash, and at time I was able to defend the eastern bombard. Therefore, I killed to Tirraj, and the other boss. Nobody of my heroes/hench died... So it was a successful clear mission.

Sometimes Kumtash stay always in the center, but sometimes he goes to the center bomber to take it, so If I spend a lot of time killing the warrior and the monk boss, the para boss probably will take easy to the center bomber because nobody is defending, or he will still waiting in the center. Just it is lucky.

Well, I hope that with this method help a bit doing this Mis in hm. Harder that other in night fall. -- 06:31, 28 August 2009 (UTC) .Gabriel

Thanks to the tips and advice from Gabriel, I also did this mission in HM with only H+H, and received master reward
I used the 3 cons too, Armor of Salvation, Essence of Celerity and Grail of Might, and spawned some aid for faster fighting with a Mysterious Summoning Stone. The party was the following:
  • I was a spirit spammer with the build from PVX Wiki (Code: OAhkYggYoKq01kPY5030ZzmIN4FD)
  • Olias as a Sabway MM, with Aura of the Lich as Elite
  • Master of Whispers as a Sabway Healer
  • Vekk as a Common Fire Nuker
  • Herta, Mhenlo, Odurra and Kihm as Henchmen
Then I sent the Whisper teams to the eastern bombard, and used my team for the others, I killed the bossed starting from the middle right (just a coincidence as I otherwise went right to left first), to right, to the left one (as he captured the eastern bombard and was there now, so just not to lose Master reward I killed them first, with just the middle left one left to kill. Even though one defense was destroyed, I still received the Master reward. Also great combo with today's Zaishen Mission. And for a last note: Thanks Gabriel for your tips, it made this mission almost too easy. --Timus (6) 18:41, 14 October 2009 (UTC)
I highly recommend this method too if you're doing this mission in HM with just H/H. Like Gabriel and Timus, I used a conset at the start of the mission, along with 2 Rainbow Candy Canes to give my party just that bit of extra health and energy. I also summoned a monster to help with a Mysterious Summoning stone. A high Lightbringer title, while useful, is not really essential as there aren't THAT many Margonites in the mission. (In fact, I never brought Lightbringer's Gaze on any of my characters. The Margonites go down fairly quickly, and most of the time, the Kournans were more of a threat.) My setup was as follows:
  • Sent all 3 Whisper groups to the West Bombard. (The reason being is that the mobs spawned from Tirraj's portal usually include 1 Margonite Cleric, so at times the Whisper groups may not be able to kill the mobs quickly enough and end up getting overwhelmed.)
  • I brought Olias as a Flesh Golem/Shambling Horror/Bone Horror MM, with Death Nova and Taste of Death. Using Feast for the Dead instead of Taste of Death might also work.
  • I brought Master of Whispers as a Signet of Spirits spirit spammer, with Painful Bond instead of Spiritleech Aura.
  • I brought Vekk as a Blinding Surge Air spike Ele.
  • Finally, I brought Odurra, Sogolon, Mhenlo and Kihm as my henchmen.
My build varied as I took my 5 PvE characters through this mission, but it's crucial that you're capable of dishing out a high amount of damage quickly. If you're an attacker, make sure you have something to remove stances to kill the Kournan Rangers quickly.
In the initial phase of the assault, move between each of the Bombards and kill the Kournan soldiers and Margonites as they come. There is a maximum of two (possibly 3) groups of attackers on the field at any one time. Note that at this point, subsequent waves will not spawn until the preceding wave is killed. Nonetheless, if you see a message stating that a Bombard is being captured, immediately start moving towards it to stop them. The spirits and your minions left behind should be able to mop up any remaining Kournans that you didn't kill in your initial attack.
Due to the way the waves spawn, once the bosses spawn, I find that I'm usually very close to General Nimtak (the monk). I immediately charge in and engage him with an eye to killing him as fast as possible. There is a brief window of opportunity after the bosses spawn (perhaps about 15 - 20 seconds) where no waves spawn, so if your damage is high, you can actually kill Nimtak and close one of the rifts before it even begins. This helps tremendously with easing the pressure on the Center Bombard.
I next fall back to defend the Bombards, and once it's clear, I engage and kill Tirraj (the elementalist). He has no (or very little) self-healing, so he usually falls quickly, but be wary of any Kournan or Margonite monks around that may keep him alive. Once Tirraj is dead, this relieves the pressure on the East Bombard, and you now only have 2 to worry about.
By this time the Whisper groups at the West Bombard can be quite thin or even dead altogether, so head over there and reinforce them, then charge up the hill to take out Doriah (the warrior). He has Healing Signet, but he's really not all that tough and goes down relatively quickly. If you notice a group engaging the 3 Vabbian Warriors in the center, fall back to assist them; again, your minions and spirits should be able to mop up or at least delay the surviving Margonites/Kournans until you can take care of the center wave.
Finally, head to General Kumtash and spike him down. The mission ends as soon as he is dead, so there's no need to bother with the rest of his goons. Usually this method lets me finish the mission with all 6 defenses still intact. Good luck to everybody trying this method! - Zaxares 04:25, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Another HM Option[edit]

I did this with a 2 human, 6 hero team. Each player has 2 necros and a rit: 1 x N/Rt healer, 1 x mm, 1 x spirit spammer rit.

Send two groups to defend the eastern gate, and one to defend the middle gate. I should mention at this point, my group was the group defending the west gate alone, but I was an Imbagon so damage was kept to a minimum. The other human player was defending the middle and western side. Kill the groups that stray to your gates until the bosses come. Both players are to share protection of the middle gate. There should be a group in the middle that is the last to die before the bosses spawn. At this point, both groups should be together killing it. Once the bosses spawn, together kill the monk boss.

Once this is complete, if required go back and kill the straglers at your gates. Have both groups go to kill the warrior boss on the western most rift. You can then sweep and kill the other two bosses, who's spawns will be concentrating on the middle and eastern gates. By fluke, one of our launchers went down however you should be able to do it with 6/6 defenses up. 23:36, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

The only sensible way to H/H in HM[edit]

After trying the method listed on the page and its many variations (all to no avail), doing today's zquest I stumbled on a configuration that can clear this mission with minimal hassle. You want to send the three Whispers groups East, but don't flag a hero or anything like that - if you're quick, they can hold the fort for long enough on their own. Bring a bog-standard discord setup with YMLaD, Finish Him and Assassin Support. Kill all the early spawns as normal, leaving the Whispers to deal with the two Eastern groups. When the final group spawns, kill them on top of Nimtak's portal, and be ready to spike. This is important - as soon as the group dies you will need to kill the Margonites quickly to keep from being overwhelmed. Don't necessarily go for Nimtak first - if you're struggling against Spell Breaker while multiple melee foes are running around you will be killed. Once Nimtak and all the Kournans are dead, kill as many or as few Margonites as you feel comfortable with before running back to the Central bombard. Timing is everything here: you need to save the Central bombard, then arrive at the Western one immediately after it has fallen, but before any Kournans have attacked the gate. This way, you won't have to pull Doriah. Kill the Kournans and begin assaulting the Margonites, pulling groups from the Central bombard as necessary. If you are able to take down the entire group it should be simple to finish off, with only two spawn points left to deal with. In case you were wondering, I took Mhenlo, Cynn, Odurra and Herta, and cleared this mission as a Warrior (using a +20 energy staff). I hope this helps someone! 17:51, 21 December 2009 (UTC)

Anet should make the HM of this mission easier[edit]

Maybe there are some extremely capable players able to do miracles, but please show mercy to us the simple mortals! All the other HM missions are doable - some are easier some are very hard but still doable. This one is absurd! I read all the tactics i could find, but they just don't work by very large margin. By the time one group is killed (probably about 40-60 seconds, which is about the fastest possible given the whirling defenses, etc. plus the time to run back and forth) two other groups are already capturing a bombard at the other side. Please increase the time between group spawns at least 2-3 times. They are vastly overwhelming. Also the NPCs seem to be dying extremely fast and are of virtually no help. Even if you assign all the NPCs to single bombard they are dead before the bosses come if you leave them to defend the bombard alone. Was this mission increased in difficulty in some recent update or something?

If you want to acknowledge the pro guys that have done this mission as it is now, give them a special title (maybe with 6 ranks corresponding to the number of intact bombards) and then lower the difficulty.

Or leave it as is but exclude it from the guardian title and add a separate title only for it.

You should know that it is extremely frustrating to do all other missions in HM, with all the accompanying difficulties and the wasted time only to find that you can not have the legendary guardian title because of this nonsense. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

If it was easy, it wouldn't be called "hard mode." MiraLantis 04:33, 30 March 2010 (UTC)
I just did this yesterday with heroes and henchies on HM and didn't have too many problems. I followed the advice on the wikia guild wars wiki. (sending all soldiers to defend the center) It took me 3 tries. The first two I was mostly getting the hang of the spawns and the order they come in. The key is just being close to the warrior boss when he spawns and killing him before a group of kournans spawn from that portal. If you can do that and run from the margonites that come with the warrior boss then the rest of the mission is pretty easy. Run over to the other side that has the ele boss there will be some kournans. Clear those groups out and wait for an extra group of kournans to spawn and kill them so that you will have plenty of time to kill the ele boss. Once you have killed the ele boss there are not too many enemies left on the map. Help out at the center after this point if there are some kournans, then take out one of the two remaining bosses. Then take out the other boss. The groups defending the center held up well and didn't really need my help. Another recommendation is always to take out a recently spawned group of kournans then immediately take out the boss as quickly as possible. With everything other than the warrior boss you can either run or kill off the margonites. With the warrior boss you have to run immediately after killing him. I was a warrior with save yourselves. I had the 3 necro sabway team. I think I had a healer, fire ele, mes, and archer as henchies. I had a run skill but we didn't have any party wide running skill so that is not completely necessary. Minions helped whenever we needed to run from a battle as they would keep groups busy so we could run away. In the end I was able to beat the mission without losing any of the defensive structures. Good luck. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).
Also you can use consets... it makes this mission a cake walk... we were able to beat it in our first try w/o any deaths or loss of structures. --Lania ElderfireUser Lania Elderfire pinkribbon.jpg 03:02, 8 May 2010 (UTC)


I have 2 problems with the current walkthrough:

  1. It suggests flagging a MM behind the vabbi soldiers in HM. I did this mission with 6 characters in HM, each time sending all vabbi soldiers to one side, *without* help of a MM. If the team is not very slow in killing the first2 bosses, the vabbians can hold on their own and that 8th character helps a lot in taking the bosses down.
  2. It does not suggest flagging all vabbians to one side in NM. Why? Again, having them all at one side makes that side super secure, while the 3 soldiers that spawn in the middle (no matter where you send the others) are enough to deal with the inital kournan spawns on their own. And once you have killed the first boss, you fight in their area in any case. --Xeeron 16:31, 15 April 2010 (UTC)
I contemplated those changes as well as it didn't make sense to me when I did the mission several months ago. Last time I edited the page, I only removed glaringly bad advice and redundant info. I would say go ahead and make those changes. I only tried with MM behind the vabbi soldiers once, and it didn't work that great. Full 8-party taking down the bosses in quick succession worked better imo. --Lania ElderfireUser Lania Elderfire pinkribbon.jpg 17:38, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

Try this[edit]

Unfortunately Siktur (the NPC) and this wiki both have lame recomendations.

Although there aren't any guns in this game, here are some bullets :)

Works in NM and HM with heroes and henchmen...

Method (Fastest and highest success rate)

  • Sending all 3 sets of Vabbian Guards to the east.
  • The guards can usually handle the east bombard by themselves.
  • There is no need to flag a minion master (or anything else) at the bombard.
  • You will deal with 5 sets of 4 enemies before the Generals spawn. (1 margonite 3 kournans).
  • The east guards will deal with 2 groups of 4 enemies (1 margonite cleric and 3 kournans).
  • Try to kill the the Kournan Oppressor first because the 'Strip Enchantment' pisses off a lot of players.
  • Try to kill the 5th group to spawn, where they spawn. This will put you in a good position to spawn kill General Nimtak(Mo), the first general to die.
  • Kill the Generals in order: Nimtak(Mo) > Doriah(W) > Kumtash(P) > Tirraj(E)
  • Always kill a General first... always. I cringe when I see melee hitting a kournan instead of the general.
  • Dead General = closed rift = no more kournans
  • As soon as Nimtak dies, the entire team needs to move as one to protect the west bombard by aggroing the kournans that just spawned from Doriah's rift.
  • Stick together! Most common in PUGs, a party member (usually a Derv XD) will not move with the rest of the group to kill Doriah.
  • Kill Doriah and then clean up the enemies from the Nimtak's rift and Doriah's rift.
  • Kill the Kournans first; Margonites do not conjure at the bombards.
  • Once clean of kournans, move to kill Kumtash
  • If there are only a couple of guards alive at the east bombard when you get to Kumtash, you needn't worry, as you are allowed 1 bombard to fail for masters reward.
  • Once Kumtash is dead, you can move on to the Tirraj and ignore every other enemy. They do not have time to conjure anything anyway.
  • If in a PUG, let the player with the highest armor rating lead everyone to kill Tirraj. Invoke Lightning hurts.
  • Skip the cinematic; His name is Jurah.

Bad luck happens:

  • Sometimes the NPCs that were all sent to the East bombard get pummeled.
  • It seems that 1 out of every 5 missions the 3 Vabbian guards in the center go AFK (buggy I guess)
  • General Nimtak can be a jerk and cast Spellbreaker seconds after he spawns, delaying his death and the movement toward the Kournans coming from Doriah's rift and Doriah himself.
  • If any of the bad luck happens in HM, it is easiest to just resign and start again.


  • Two healers
  • Master of Whispers (if he isn't one of the healers). He is required anyhoo.
  • Spirit spammer speeds up some of the cleanup after a General dies and also gives something for enemies to swing at besides you.
  • Discordway, especially if you like micromanaging and manually spamming discord like I do.
  • Hard Mode, I usually use either discordway or a two spirit spammer heroes
  • Searing Flames Ele

Skills that would help:

  • You Move Like a Dwarf: might interrupt Spellbreaker or Invoke Lightning
  • Spirit of Disenchantment: get rid of Spellbreaker
  • Sneak Attack: Useful to blind Doriah
  • Hex + Condition: if bringing discordway
  • Unyielding Aura: if you are in a PUG with a bunch of level 19 ele's
  • Protective Spirit: helps with Tirraj, because Invoke Lightning hurts
  • Stance breaker: Whirling defense is annoying.


  • If you try to kill Doriah first, 2 groups of kournans will go for the center bombard.
  • Normally takes 4.5-5 minutes in NM; Hard Mode, add a minute.
  • Fastest NM time for me so far is 3:26.
  • When doing the mission with 3 heroes (no henchmen), the likelihood of the east guards getting pummeled seems higher. They also seem to conjure quicker.

Legendary Survivor (If you are a maniac like me)

  • I finished my Survivor title mostly while being AFK.
  • In NM, I used 3 spirit spamming heroes (no henchmen) and killed everything but Kumtash.
  • Sat behind Kumtash at the rift where kournans spawn
  • Make sure not to aggro Kumtash (turn off minions)
  • 3 or 4 kournans spawn 30 seconds after killing the preceding group
  • too slow to start one Rampagers scroll or Berserkers scroll unfortunately :(
  • with 3 heroes, I received 25xp for each kill. no drops though.
  • Got disconnected 3 times in the process :(

--Treefity 15:12, 17 May 2010 (UTC)

Thanks Treefity. I ended up using discordway and your walkthrough (plus I got a set of cons) and did this hard mode with H&H no problem :) 08:44, 6 July 2010 (UTC)

I did this on my third try in HM by sending all the Whispers agents to the East and basically just being ultra-agressive, preventing anyone from getting to the bombards much at all. I didn't need a conset, just had an MM and an SoS spammer, and as you run back and forth, the spirits and minions basically snag everything all over the map. It takes a little bit of trial and error to figure out when it's a good time to just bail on your minions and charge the next group, but it's a remarkably effective method. I ended up taking out the Warrior first, then hi-tailed it to the Monk, then cut down to the Ele, finishing up with the Para. The ele group tore my party up pretty badly, but I had enough rez in the party to keep the fight going. I used an Onslaught condition build with Pain Inverter, and brought a protection monk, a healer, a SoLS Healer N/Rt, an MM (I found room to give him "Fall Back!"), an SoS, an interrupt mes (with Psychic Instability), and a blood/curses Life Transfer/support/enchant removal necro. Probably not the kind of setup you're likely to see people mention, but it worked for me. --Sahjiarah 18:51, 2 November 2011 (UTC)
The above tips are definitely the best on the page. So in summary, flag east, kill last kournans at Monk spawn pt, clear west Warrior , then circle around to get everything Paragon else Elementalist. -Chieftain Alex 18:40, 25 April 2013 (UTC)
Still the way i do this. -Chieftain Alex 20:31, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Easy way to finish masters H/H[edit]

1. Send all Whispers West.

2. Fight beginning waves as normal. Make sure that as you kill the last wave that spawns the boss, you are near the monk spawn.

3. As the monk boss spawns, kill it.

4. Let one of the groups take the Eastern bombard, then kill it.

5. Ele boss will then walk right into your group because you let the bombard fall, kill him.

6. Finish off Paragon boss.

7. Finish off Warrior boss.

Have never had problems with this strategy in NM or HM. No special build needed beyond one that has moderate healing and damage, and there is no need to split.

Thank you, anonymous commenter! Your strategy got me HM Masters in one try, after trying several other methods and failing. Did it with my fiance as the only other human; we were 2 spirit spammers, and took Sabway, a fire ele, Psychic Instability mesmer, and E/Mo protection healer. Was a little hectic between killing the monk and getting the East bombard since a group nearly took the middle, but we managed in the nick of time. Thanks again! Daine 02:31, 27 November 2010 (UTC)
I also found this strategy to be very helpful. After 3 or 4 tries I h/h'd HM Masters quite easily on my assassin bringing 2 discord necros(which i never really run, but it helped kill all the rangers quickly) and a Soul Twisting Rit. Also, make sure you have the fire ele henchie for quick killing. Total time from reading this strategy to completing masters was less than 1 hour. 07:21, 3 February 2011 (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing this strategy! My partner and I completed this mission using your strategy with the Spirit Spammer 2 person team and the 6 hero Discordway. Worked like a charm on the first try (following several frustrating attempts). --Singing Wolf 08:05, 17 June 2011 (UTC)

This would work if the whispers could hold the west without dying. They normally last about 2 minutes in hard mode. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) at 13:11, 19 June 2011 (UTC).

I recall sending a Minion Master and a Spirit spammer along the lines of the SoGM rit on pvx with all the whispers, and then a variety of caster powered damage (whirling defenses means melee sucks here) with Fall Back as the secondary skill to zoom between the spawns. --File:User Chieftain Alex Chieftain Signature.pngChieftain Alex 12:17, 19 June 2011 (UTC)

THIS WAY IS F$^@ING AWESOME. worked on the first try, running discord/spiritway /w 2 ME and rolled it on the first try after failing 4 or5 times my own way. -- 02:22, 29 February 2012 (UTC)

Troubles in hard mode[edit]

Well I've just tried it like this with a 6/2 split and the result was a wipe with tirraj's group.

I am also having problems with this mission on hard mode. Tried 8-0, 7-1 and 6-2. Running discord heros, fully runed up and with good weapons, sos, ua, panic and pd mes. the above strategy fails when tirraj runs into fallen east bombard. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 03:48, 22 June 2011 (UTC).

(Reset indent) I just did this mission in hardmode, sending all three Whispers groups east. They had absolutely no problem handling the groups that were sent down at them, while I patiently took down the west two bosses. After that I moved to centre/east area and helped them, attacking the last 2 generals in between attacking waves. But it still didn't seem that they needed much help against the small groups that spawn and rush toward the bombards. Got master reward (with all 6 defenses remaining) on my second attempt (first one I pushed up at the generals too aggressively and wiped, better to hang back and only attack a general after wiping out an assault group). --Beliandra 12:47, 18 August 2011 (UTC)


set my heroes n mercenaries up with standard iway with battle rage, it was the easiest mish yt. iway works since compass range covers almost the whole area. getting the pets killed was ez. battle rage helped with ims to run to general to general. add in splinter, orders, and a paragon buffer, the generals went tits up fast. 19:10, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

That is fucking hilarious. Its 2012 and IWAY is still obnoxious as all hell. 09:01, 17 March 2012 (UTC)