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About Me

I am a female Guild Wars player. My real name is Angel, but my friends have been calling me Bunny for longer than I can remember. I tend to be considered one of those incessantly annoying nice people you meet from time to time, helping for no reason, giving things away, or organising events for other people to take part in. The downside is, because I do find so much enjoyment in giving things away, I often find my purse empty when it comes to buying things for myself.

Guild Wars

I have been playing Guild Wars regularly since December 2005 and throughout that time I have fallen across like minded people who also enjoy event organising. I have more characters than I care to admit, I have completed every campaign more than once, and I have every collector’s edition pack, expansion, unlock pack, or bonus key ever sold for the game (apart from the collector edition of prophecies because they ran out of new keys!). That said, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘pro’ at anything in Guild Wars, despite having played a very long time. I’m a very down to earth person and I’m always prepared to admit someone else has a better idea than I do. I play Guild Wars purely to have fun, and wind down at the end of a work day.

In addition to playing the game and event organising, I also work as an Admin at Guild Wars Auctions.

Wiki Templates

Inspired by the wonderful Wiki templates provided by Wynthyst (<<--the credit belongs here!<3), I have made a couple of simple user page templates so others can create a nice looking wiki user page in just a few minutes.

Guild Wars Events
One of my most favourite past times in Guild Wars used to be putting together events for others to take part in, however real life responsibilities have me doing less of this nowadays. I’m a very organised person so, back in the day, the pains of putting together large events didn't bother me in the slightest. The bigger the better I say!

Past Events:
Below is a list of some of the events I’ve organised in the past (most recent at the top):

  • Bunny Ingredients: We decided to repeat the same thing we did last year and sponsor a district for the Canthan New Year 2009, supported by the Guilds of Serenity [STAR]. We headed to International District 17 (which was totally empty) and people flocked in masses. I wasn't exepcting such a good turn out but with only 15 minutes warning, the district was full for a total of 4 finalé events and we all had some great fun. You'd think after all that practice I wouldn't get nervous delivering the ingredients to the Chefs, but oh fingers were shaking the entire time!
  • Rocky Horror Show a free costume extravaganza, that took place in Guild Wars over Halloween. Players were able to bet unique costumes for the Halloween festivities! There were loads of costumes to choose from. The Texmod costume file is still available and people still use it today. Be sure to get in on the fun.
  • Summer Bullrush 2008: a free PvP group challenge sport weekend with prizes totalling 420k. The event took place over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of August 2008. Invitations were open to any and all Guild Wars players and it was a wonderfully fun event for everyone involved.
  • Passage to Rata Sum: A free running weekend that took place in Eye of the North between Boreal Station and Rata Sum over Easter Weekend in April 2008. I coordinated this event along side The Guilds of [KISS] in aid of supporting the approaching Cinco de Mayo event being hosted by The Guilds of [LaZy] Nation on the 3rd of May 2008.
  • Find Bunny Event: With over 300k in prizes, I hosted a colossal hide-and-go-seek event over 3 days at Easter weekend 2008. It was run across all 3 campaign’s and was all about solving riddles and finding the Easter Bunny in Guild Wars. Two of the KISS alliances took part, bless them, and it was the most fun event I’ve ever done. If you missed out this year, don’t worry, I’ll be doing it all again next year!
  • Bunny Ingredients: Some of you might remember me from the 2008 Canthan New Year, hopping about European districts delivering ingredients to help everyone get their treats. This started out as a few friends collecting every ingredient you can imagine and bringing free ingredients to under populated districts, but it turned out to be much bigger than I expected when the KISS alliance filled every outpost I went to trying to find me! People made video’s, we had a party and it was great fun :)
  • Rocktober 2007: With over 230k in prizes, I hosted and coordinated a second Alliance wide 1v1 PvP tournament in October 2007. After having so much fun the first year, I decided to make it an annual event. The tournament four elimination rounds and 22 fights in total. Prizes given included 120 Platinum, 3 Destroyer Minipets, and a Mini Temple Guardian. In addition to First, Second, Third and Fourth place, prizes were also given to several people for their dedication and good sportsmanship. Roll on next year!
  • Rocktober 2006: With prizes including Game Keys along with 90k, this was the first time I hosted an Alliance 1v1 PvP tournament in October 2006. I learned very quickly that 90% of the work is in the preparation. Once I had the rules and the process fine tuned, it was all smooth sailing. There were four elimination rounds and 14 fights in total. Prizes given included a Nightfall Game Key, Buddy Key, 2 Epic Game Keys, and 90 Platinum. In addition to First, Second and Third place, prizes were also given to my dedicated helpers.
My Wish List

I’m sure many of us sit around and think of things that we’d like to see in Guild Wars. From time to time I think of things and put them into this list if I think they are worthy. Feel free to leave me feedback on any of these ideas in my Talk page.

  • Separate WTS from WTB in Trade Chat: I'd really like to see a separation of WTB and WTS comments in the Party window.
  • Lets get hitched! Ok so I’m a girl and this kind of things amuses me, laugh all you want to. I’d love to be able to go to an NPC, pay an amount of gold to have a marriage proposal sent to someone in game, and if they accept achieve the title Ball and Chain (1). If you accepted more than one marriage proposal you could even be a Bigamist (2). If your husband/wife character is deleted you could be a Widower (0).
  • Bunny ears and Mouse ears: I love dressing up my characters using Texmod, but I'd love to be have hats like these in game.
  • Costumes: I’d love to be able to buy fully themed costumes in game at special events.
  • Temporary chat bans: I’d love to be able to give temporary bans from alliance/guild chat to give people time to cool off.
  • Prophecies Collectors Edition: If Arenanet ever make more Prophecies collectors editions I’ll be happier than a claustrophobic in a football field.
  • Alliance Welcome Message: It would be an absolute godsend to be able to see in the guild roster how much members have deposited for that day.
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