The Bog Beast of Bokku

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the secondary quest. For the creature, see The Bog Beast of Bokku (NPC).
The Bog Beast of Bokku
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Baasong
in Haiju Lagoon
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Secondary quest
The Bog Beast of Bokku.jpg
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Become the children's hero by taking the challenge to defeat the Bog Beast of Bokku.

Quest information[edit]


  • Listen to Baasong tell his ghost story to the kids.




The Bog Beast can be found over Teipao Island, in the middle of Haiju Lagoon, north from Baasong and the children. It is wise to clear out all the Dragon Lillies and Grasping Roots around the island including the mesmer boss Baozo Evilbranch before taking the quest.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Baasong: "Listen closely, younglings, for I tell you now the tale of the great and fearsome Bog Beast of Bokku!"
Canthan child 1: "Dis one is vewy scawy!"
Baasong: "Fear not, little one, for the Bog Beast of Bokku only has an appetite for bad apples! Surely, all children here honor their parents and behave as they should, do they not?"
Canthan child 2: "Yes. Yes! I'm always good!"
Canthan child 3: "I am more gooder than she is! I swear!"
Canthan child 4: "I am the most goodest of all! It's true! Not like him! He still wets his bed!"
Baasong: "Yes, my little hatchlings. I am sure you are all very good. But for those who are not, a special place is reserved for you in the belly of the Bog Beast!"
Baasong: "The great Bog Beast's lair is deep in the heart of a hidden cave at the bottom of Haiju Lagoon."
Baasong: "There in the murky depths it sits, never batting an eye, always listening for the voices of insolent children."
Baasong: "When it finds the home of a naughty child, it waits patiently outside the window, quietly listening for the child to drift off to slumber."
Canthan child 1: "Eep!"
Baasong: "With the last candle extinguished and the house enveloped in darkness, the Bog Beast quietly forces the shutters open, slips inside, and steals the child, careful to muffle the screams with its sickly appendages."
Canthan child 2: "I just made in my pants!"
Baasong: "What becomes of these children, no one knows for sure. Some say they are taken into the depths of the lagoon with the Bog Beast, where it eats them whole!"
Canthan child 3: "Aiieeee!!!!"
Baasong: "Others say the Bog Beast keeps them alive and torments them every night, forcing them to cry out in terror so that all the children might know what will become of them if they misbehave."
Baasong: "On days such as these, they say you can still hear the children crying out, "Be gooooood! Be gooood!""
Canthan child 4: "I never heard the children cry at night. You made that up!"
Baasong: "What is that? Is that the sound of a rotten apple in this bunch? Perhaps the Bog Beast will feast tonight!"
Canthan child 4: "Uh, I did not say anything. He did! Let him get eaten!"
Canthan child 3: "I do not want to get eaten! I do not taste good!"
Canthan child 2: "Why do you not taste good? Because you made in your pants?"
Baasong: "Quiet, children, and fear not! Surely there is a hero about who will face the Bog Beast of Bokku and keep you from harm?"
"The tale I tell is true, stranger, despite my wishes it were not. There is a Bog Beast of Bokku, indeed. Many have slain the creature, but time and again it rises from the grave to claim the bad children once more. I ask of you, find this creature near its home in Haiju Lagoon and slay it in hopes that this time, it will not return. One final word of warning: the Bog Beast is powerful beyond belief, and should only be hunted by the bravest and strongest of heroes."
Yes Accept: "I will slay this Bog Beast of Bokku. For the children!"
No Decline: "Let it eat the children. It only eats the bad ones, anyway."
Ask Ask: "Find and slay the Bog Beast of Bokku. For the children!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Baasong: "See children, you have nothing to fear. This hero before you has taken the challenge to face and defeat the Bog Beast of Bokku!"
Canthan child 4: "Ooh! You are so brave!"
Canthan child 3: "Dun let it eat yous!"
Canthan child 2: "I wanna be just like you when I grow up. I wanna be a hero, too!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Thank you, friend. Let us hope that you have dealt a blow to the Bog Beast from which it will never recover."


  • This quest can be done by characters from any campaign.
  • This quest can easily be done in conjunction with The Thieving Nanny.