Unnatural Growths

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Unnatural Growths
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Aidan
in Wizard's Folly
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Ranger)

Aidan suspects the plants in the area are being warped as a side effect of experiments being conducted in the wizard's tower. Go collect a root sample for him.

Quest information[edit]



  • Go to the falls to the west. Destroy the aloe husks until you find an aloe root.
  • Take the aloe root back to Aidan.

Early benefits[edit]



You can find Aidan south-east next to a small fishing village in the Wizard's Folly.

If you draw a line straight south from Ashford Abbey to the bottom of the map, the bottom of the line would cross the small fishing village. By foot that means go east from Foible's Fair until you come to the river. Then try to go south and you'll find the village. The village is in an area of the river shaped like a large "Y".

When you're at the village, go south. You'll encounter some spiders. When you can't go south anymore, go east; you'll see a small house at a mountain. You can find Aidan at the foot of the hill, next to a part of the river which flows north to south.

Equipping the two skills Aidan gives you will be a big help, as the Large Aloe Seeds you will encounter are susceptible to fire damage and come in clusters of three. This quest serves as an introduction to the concept of skill chaining, using skills in combination for greater effect. Using Dual Shot doubles the effect of Ignite Arrows.

Follow the quest marker east until you encounter the river. Several Large Aloe Seeds will be hanging out here. Kill them, using your new skills if you wish. They will drop Aloe Roots when they die. Pick one up and take it back to Aidan.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Ever since Aziure started her work at the wizard tower, this region has been plagued by unnatural plant-like creatures. I suspect her magical experiments have inadvertently warped the local flora to create these aloe husks."
"Groundless accusations, however, are not a reasonable way to resolve a problem. I'd like you to hunt these monsters for a while and see if you can find an aloe root, so that I might examine it more closely and see if my suspicions are correct."
"Explore near the falls in the west to look for the creatures. I can provide you, temporarily, with a few skills that should make the task easier."
Yes Accept: "I'll see what I can do."
No Decline: "I'm not interested."
Ask Ask: "I am certain the aloe husks can be found to the west. The very mountain air speaks to their unnatural presence."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Well done, well done. If this root shows the effects of being warped by Aziure's magic, I'm certain she will listen to reason and change her ways. Since you have proven so adept at using these new skills, you might as well keep them I think."


  • The Hunter's Horn quest leads to Aidan, who can be hard to find for new players.
  • The Large Aloe Seeds spawn even without the quest active in the log, but they cease to spawn after completion of the quest.