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ROLL: 72/100 000 000. Oh dear! Roll again?[edit]

I'm Luke. I like writing, composing, poetry, and photography (see I'm studying French, Philosophy, and Linguistics at U of T.
I've been playing Guild Wars since September 2006, and contributing to Guild Wars Wiki since August 2009.

Since about the start of 2012 I haven't been regularly contributing, because I found I was dedicating a ton of time to it when I have things in my life that are more important -- a shame, since I enjoy picking apart the minutiae of editing this wiki.
To those who enjoyed our talks and my edits: it was good.

I am a fine editor and bad politician (usually). Despite this, some people are very kind:

"Thanks for posting, concisely and pithily, what a lot of us have been thinking all along." Tennessee Ernie Ford
"72 = Captain of good analogies. He's right [in what he said]." Smøni
"There are many things wrong with [72's rant page]. The most prevalent problem is probably ignorance." Shard
"You're quite talented and I could see you becoming Kind of a Big Deal [...] in the future." Vael Victus

Here are some skills which I hope you enjoy reading as much I did writing.
"Your skills...are brilliant! A damn good read there keep it up ;)" Shadow Runner

I am and have always been a part of my friends' guild, The Silly Nannies.

Main characters, in order of age, campaign release date, play amounts, and name length:

  1. Sadalitas Celeres: PvE Prophecies Ranger
  2. Valkyril Ari: PvE Factions Mesmer
  3. I Was: PvP Nightfall Monk
"Does that say Celery Salad...?" Cjad the Nord

My Guild Wars Wiki origins are humble.

The contributions of are mine. Also, my name used to be written Seventy two.

"I lol'd at your summary, I'd really like you to create an account." C4K3

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