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General Information

  • Handle: Dirth Arcadius (main character), though I go by Cjad the Nord everywhere else
  • Location: Miami, Florida (USA)
  • Realm: North America
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male


I was interested in Guild Wars back when it was first announced, and co-founded a guild in the months leading up to its release. Though this guild has since disbanded, I have continued to play the game from day one to today. Of all the classes, I've played Ranger the most (my main character who is a ranger has two-thirds of my total playtime under his belt) and consider it to be the best profession in the game (personal opinion, of course). I am currently the recruitment officer of The Silly Nannies [GROG], the core membership of which is a group of very close friends who have been together before we ever played Guild Wars together (me included).

You can find me taking equal part in PvE and PvP, with a penchant for Guild Battles (the reason I bought this game in the first place).

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North American territory.
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This Userpage Format was borrowed (lifted, really) from Lensor's userpage