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The Silly Nannies [GROG]

The Silly Nannies [GROG]
Guild The Silly Nannies Cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~30
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle

The Silly Nannies [GROG] was founded as a guild of friends who had met before ever playing Guild Wars together. Originally a guild of one created merely for the cape, it wasn't long before the guildless friends drifted into the roster to form the core membership.

As time went on, more members began to join, all of them associates with the core membership. However, during the Gaming Weekend in the Dragon Arena, the leader met and recruited the first outside member, paving the way for the guild to grow outside of its current boundaries. GROG eventually joined an Alliance as well, opening up relations with even more players.

The guild has a focus on having fun, regardless of where it occurs (including outposts). Though most of the members have a primary interest in PvE, they also actively take part in many PvP circuits, mostly Alliance Battles, and are interested in entering the Guild Battle scene. The Silly Nannies, true to their name, are all about theatrics and having a good time, regardless of the outcome in their endeavors, and strive to bring humor and good sportsmanship with them in PvP.

This casual playstyle and mature...ish...atmosphere are the most prominent traits of the guild. There are no enforced rules, and there is no difference in member importance between Leader, Officer, and Member. Every guild matter is voted on by everyone, and everyone enjoys an equal voice in the matter of things.

Currently, the guild most often plays together to catch the daily quests, do casual PvP, or occasionally arrange to accomplish elite or difficult parts of the game.

Profession Favoritism

Purely by coincidence, it turned out that the vast majority of the core membership plays a Ranger as their primary character of choice. This has led to an unofficial philosophy and playstyle that incorporates the Ranger into almost everything, playing a wide variety of roles. Whether this is because the core membership simply enjoys the playstyle or relates most to the swarthy, rugged Ranger profession is open to debate.

Presently, the guild has grown much more diversified, but expect to see a lot of Rangers because half the active membership plays them as mains.


Though originally uninterested in accepting newer members, The Silly Nannies found themselves bringing in the occasional new player, and decided a little growth wasn't such a bad thing. They are currently actively recruiting mature and friendly players only, though because of their close knit beginnings, wary eyes are cast on any potential new silly nanny. Experience with the game is not a prerequisite for joining, though all new members must understand that the guild is as much about giving as it is recieving, and that even though GROG is interested in Guild Battles and other "high end" activities, they are very casual in the way they go about these things.

Posting on their forum and contacting the leader/officers in-game are the only ways to seek membership (do not use the talk page of this article to contact the leader).

Contact information

GROG Banner

Alliance webpage and forum: The Geezer Guild Alliance webpage


  • Leader: Tongue Tied Twisted
  • Officer: Cjad the Nord (IGN Dirth Arcadius)
  • Officer: Captain Doughnut
  • Officer: Freebootin Drunkard
  • Officer: Avela Rose
  • Officer: Shi Wei Li
  • Officer: Tiao Jin Jiao

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