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Guild Phantom Coven Logo.jpg Phantom Coven [PHA]

Phantom Coven [PHA]
Guild Phantom Coven cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Faction (Luxon).jpg Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members erm..."Roll Call!"
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP None at this time
IRC channel None at this time
Webpage Phantom Coven
Forums same as above
Time zone Various

Phantom Coven [PHA] is primarily a PvE guild although some of our members also play Alliance Battles. Several of our members have multiple characters across the Four existing Guild Wars chapters and are willing to help out with missions and quests. We are a casual guild that does not require members log in at a specified interval to retain membership. You do need to let the guild leader know if you will be absent for more than 3 months though or we might assume you have stopped playing the game.

We are part of a Luxon Alliance led by The Geezer Guild [GZR]. One can hear all manner of discussion in alliance chat from members volunteering to help with missions/quests, organizing of AB battles, price checking of in-game items to discussions about game mechanics, upcoming events/chapters, and "Real Life" issues.

Faction (Luxon).jpg This guild is part of the Luxon alliance.

Guild Phantom Coven Logo.jpg History of Phantom Coven

Phantom Coven was started by Anova Magus and Carpathian Spawn in February of 2007. Both were coming from other failed guilds and were looking for a guild that had active members, with a focus on PvE play. Not having much success finding such a guild it was decided that they would become partners and create a guild. From the start, PHA has always focused on helping one another with quests and missions. Unlike many guilds that shy away from newer players, PHA has specialized in bringing in players new to the game and helping them get started.

Guild Phantom Coven Logo.jpg Officers

Leader: Garreth MacLeod
Officers: Anova Magus Shela Deathbringer
Ar Ahael Timu Mu
Miago the Prayer

Guild Phantom Coven Logo.jpg Recruitment

Do you like Alliance Battles? Do you enjoy PvE? Are you a casual gamer? Then maybe Phantom Coven is the guild for you!

PHA is a Luxon guild that is currently recruiting new members. You may contact our Guild Leader or any of our Officers for an invite to our guild.

We are also looking for a few new officers to help with recruiting. If you are interested in being a PHA officer, contact our guild leader in-game.

Guild Phantom Coven Logo.jpg Contact information

Any of our Officers may be contacted in-game, or your name can be left on our site's forums.

Guild Phantom Coven Logo.jpg Comments

Thanks to the Bad Wolf Corporation, British Assassination Squad, and Order Of Numenor guilds from whom we got inspiration and ideas for our guild's wiki page.

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