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General Information

  • Handle: Captain Doughnut, my main character
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)
  • Realm: North America
  • Age: 21


A friend of mine showed some pictures from Guild Wars to me, and talked about the game. I hadn't realized Guild Wars wasn't a subscription game or I would have started playing the day it came out :)

My first character was a ranger named Admiral Jordan, I played through each campaign with him, starting with Factions, then Prophecies, then Nightfall after it was released. After I beat all three campaigns I thought about what to do next, and I decided I wanted a character that would beat the entire game - Not just the missions, and quests, but a character who would get every title in the game. I made a monk and have started working on that goal.

Right now I am an officer in The Silly Nannies [GROG].

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