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Then Darkness Falls ⇒
Elementalist-icon.png Then Darkness Falls
"Hot like burning."

This is my first-ever Elementalist, and ironically the first character I raised to level 20. She's working on a bit of everything.
The Ashes You Call ⇒
Ritualist-icon.png The Ashes You Call
"So raise your glass high, for tomorrow we die and return from the ashes you call..."

Through luck and determination, she became a Legendary Survivor.
Destroyer Of Hate ⇒
Ranger-icon.png Destroyer Of Hate
I got tired of my Factions Ranger, so I decided to make a prettier one. She's my third "main", and I loved her enough to get her Elite Kurzick Armor xD
Play Your Mind Game ⇒
Mesmer-icon.png Play Your Mind Game
This character is pretty fun to play. I can't believe I didn't take to Mesmers sooner. They're something else.
Dead Priestess ⇒
Necromancer-icon.png Dead Priestess
The first necromancer I've committed to. I'm playing through Prophecies/GWEN with a friend, so that's pretty much slow going.
Hollower Than Thou ⇒
Dervish-icon.png Hollower Than Thou
My first Nightfall character! I play her when I don't mind a little melee (which, admittedly, is not so often).
Haste Of The Deadly ⇒
Ranger-icon.png Haste Of The Deadly
Technically the second Ranger I made but the first I played, this is the character that made me fall in love with Guild Wars. <3
Selene De Morte ⇒
Assassin-icon.png Selene De Morte
I hate this character so much. I made the mistake of choosing this as my first character. I got to the Captured Son quest, laughed, and gave up. I use her as a mule now.
Somehow Hollow ⇒
Necromancer-icon.png Somehow Hollow
I haven't done too much with this character yet. She's pretty much a mule, since I have Dead Priestess as my Necromancer in Action.