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Dervish-icon.png Hollower Than Thou
Heart of Holy Flame.jpg Heart of Holy Flame is Hollower Than Thou's favorite skill.
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User 7hir7een twirl.jpg

"If the gods wanted you to live, they'd let me know. Unfortunately for you..."
  • Experience: Not much, but she'll get there, eventually...
  • Armor:
Top, Bottoms: Elite Sunspear Armor
Headgear, Gloves, Shoes: Collector's Elonian Armor Cheap as free lol
  • Pet:
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
AcolyteJin-icon.jpgZhedShadowhoof-icon.jpgMasterOfWhispers-icon.jpgMargridTheSly-icon.jpgGoren-icon.jpgNorgu-icon.jpgGeneralMorgahn-icon.jpgRazah-icon.jpg Olias-icon.jpgZenmai-icon.jpg
OgdenStonehealer-icon.jpgVekk-icon.jpgGwen-icon.jpgJora-icon.jpgXandra-icon.jpgKahmu-icon.jpgPyreFierceshot-icon.jpgAnton-icon.jpgLivia-icon.jpgHayda-icon.jpg KeiranThackeray-icon.jpg
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • All quests on Istan completed
  • Is a pretty little mule for:
    • Quest reward collectibles
    • Nightfall collector items
  • Goals:
  • Get more Sunspear ranks
  • Get more heroes