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Ritualist-icon.png The Ashes You Call
Signet of Spirits.jpg Signet of Spirits is The Ashes You Call's favorite skill.
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"Through fortune and flame we fall..."
  • Ritualist/Any
  • Level 20, Canthan
  • Female
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Age: Created on July 9, 2010
  • Experience: ~2.3 million
  • Armor:
Monument armor with Zombie Face Paint and Elite Imperial armor
  • Pet:
A level 20 Hearty Rainbow Phoenix named "Asche".
  • Heroes:
Koss-icon.jpgDunkoro-icon.jpgMelonni-icon.jpgAcolyteJin-icon.jpgTahlkora-icon.jpgZhedShadowhoof-icon.jpgMasterOfWhispers-icon.jpgGeneralMorgahn-icon.jpg Olias-icon.jpg
OgdenStonehealer-icon.jpgVekk-icon.jpgGwen-icon.jpgJora-icon.jpgXandra-icon.jpgKahmu-icon.jpgPyreFierceshot-icon.jpgLivia-icon.jpg MOX-icon.jpg
  • Heroes to get:
AcolyteSousuke-icon.jpgMargridTheSly-icon.jpgGoren-icon.jpgNorgu-icon.jpgRazah-icon.jpg Zenmai-icon.jpg
Anton-icon.jpgHayda-icon.jpg KeiranThackeray-icon.jpg
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • She is Weh no Su and has gotten her extra attribute points
  • She has beaten the missions of Cantha, (most of) Elona and Eye of the North
  • She is a Legendary Survivor
    • This was achieved alone in 36 hours of play.
    • Considering my casual playstyle, that's pretty impressive.
    • Her first death was at the hands of Kuunavang at 1,487,197 xp
    • This was, of course, back when Survivor was still cool (*grumble*)
  • Goals:
  • Do something in Prophecies
  • Obtain more heroes
  • Start farming