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Assassin-icon.png Selene De Morte
Shroud of Distress.jpg Shroud of Distress is Selene De Morte's favorite skill.
User 7hir7een Selene De Morte.jpg "Why do I fail so hard? What? Oh, yeah, I'll hold that."
  • Experience: Not enough to count, apparently
  • Armor:
Seitung Armor
  • Pet:
None, nor will there ever be one.
  • Heroes:
None. She hasn't gotten to Nightfall, and probably never will.
  • Heroes to get:
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  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • She gets me minis
  • The only reasons she is level 20 are the Dragon Festival and Canthan New Year
  • Goals:
  • This character doesn't deserve goals.
  • Her goals literally consist of holding things. Sad, ain't it?
    • Non-max weapon upgrades
    • Survivor and Radiant Insignias
    • Random runes
    • Couple of random cool weapon skins