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"Illusions are my life."
  • Mesmer/Any
  • Level 20, Tyrian
  • Female
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: Created on June 2007 (before the 22nd)
  • Experience: ~429k
  • Armor:
Top: Elite Kurzick Armor
Rest: Kurzick Armor
  • Pet:
  • Heroes:
Koss-icon.jpgDunkoro-icon.jpgMelonni-icon.jpgAcolyteJin-icon.jpgTahlkora-icon.jpg Olias-icon.jpgZenmai-icon.jpg
OgdenStonehealer-icon.jpgVekk-icon.jpgGwen-icon.jpg MOX-icon.jpg
  • Heroes to get:
Jora-icon.jpgXandra-icon.jpgKahmu-icon.jpgPyreFierceshot-icon.jpgAnton-icon.jpgLivia-icon.jpgHayda-icon.jpg KeiranThackeray-icon.jpg
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • She's Ascended and Weh no Su, and her armor is Infused
  • She's gotten her extra attribute points
  • After three long years, she finally got out of her standstill in Ascalon
    • That happened in June 22, 2010. This is a sad fact.
    • I think I like her, and wonder why I never really played her.
  • She has completed the Factions campaign
  • Goals:
  • Get more heroes and raise them
  • Finish the Prophecies campaign
  • Finish the Nightfall campaign
  • Do more in Eye of the North