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Welcome to 7hir7een's user page

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[LOVE] Proud member of
Thirteen Days Later!
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Location: USA

Chapters: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North

Play style: PvE, Social

Guild: Leader of Thirteen Days Later

Guild Wars

I'm a casual Guild Wars player, but I like to play whenever I can. Sadly, it seems like the only time I have now is during school breaks and some weekends. College pretty much eats up my time, and doesn't allow me to play like I used to. As for my Guild Wars history, I started in Factions first. Honestly, the game didn't stick the first time I tried it. I blame it on me mistakenly choosing an Assassin for my first character. Not the wisest choice, really, but hey, I didn't know better! When summer '07 began, I returned to the game, and really fell in love with it. Within a couple of months, I purchased the other two campaigns and the expansion.

Prophecies: June 13, 2007 -- Factions: July 30, 2006 -- Nightfall: July 4, 2007 -- Eye of the North: September 3, 2007

As I said, I'd call myself a casual player, because really I just play the game to enjoy it. I've deleted and made new characters more times than I can count, mainly because I basically just threw myself into the series without any prior knowledge of the game to speak of. That, and I'm horribly indecisive. I enjoy playing a variety of classes. If I had a character slot for each class, I'd probably have all of them. My favorite classes so far are the Elementalist, Ranger, Ritualist, Necromancer, and Mesmer. I just can't get the melee characters to stick...

Some odd, game-related tidbits about me: Most of the time, I find myself playing with henchmen and heroes. It could be that I play at odd hours of the night, but sometimes it's just that I don't want to deal with rampant immaturity. I'm really glad the game now lets you have seven heroes (I hate henchmen). I am inadvertently a packrat, and thus I always have problems trying to stash what I've found. My storage runs full, and I have at least four mules. I have issues keeping the money I earn, mainly because I consistently go broke on pretty armor. I've created and deleted characters more times than I'd like to admit. My problem now is that I won't delete the old ones I don't use because I want the minipets they'll get as they continue to age. Oddly, I've never really gotten into PvP in this game, and possibly never will.


Elementalist Then Darkness Falls
Ranger Destroyer Of Hate
Ritualist The Ashes You Call
Mesmer Play Your Mind Game
Necromancer Dead Priestess
Dervish Hollower Than Thou
Ranger Haste Of The Deadly
Necromancer Somehow Hollow
Assassin Selene De Morte

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