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Armor, Miniatures, Hall of Monuments and whatever else I feel like putting here

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Materials and Crafting Fees[edit]

Cumulative totals from all characters spent on maximum-rating armor and weapons

Armor Crafting Fees
  Weapon Fees
Rare Materials Common Loot Materials
0 Glob(s) of Ectoplasm

0 Obsidian Shard(s)
14 Ruby(s)
14 Sapphire(s)
0 Lump(s) of Charcoal

149 Amber Chunk(s)

15 Jadeite Shard(s)
0 Monstrous Fang(s)
0 Monstrous Claw(s)
0 Monstrous Eye(s)

0 Roll(s) of Vellum

10 Roll(s) of Parchment
44 Vial(s) of Ink
8 Tempered Glass Vial(s)
0 Spiritwood Plank(s)

0 Elonian Leather Square(s)

28 Leather Square(s)
76 Bolt(s) of Linen
35 Bolt(s) of Damask
94 Bolt(s) of Silk

0 Fur Square(s)

0 Deldrimor Steel Ingot(s)
120 Steel Ingot(s)

2204 Tanned Hide Square(s)

1800 Bolt(s) of Cloth
50 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust
0 Iron Ingot(s)
28 Chitin Fragment(s)

0 Granite Slab(s)

0 Feather(s)
400 Bone(s)
25 Scale(s)
175 Wood Plank(s)

0 Diessa Chalice.png
0 Glacial Stone.png
0 Superb Charr Carving.png
0 Destroyer Core.png
0 Armbrace of Truth.png
10 Onyx Gemstone(s)
10 Diamond(s)
100 Iron Ingot(s)
250 Granite Slab(s)

Notes: No interim armor added for Destroyer or Play

  • Destroyer didn't have interim armor (?)
  • Play had it, but was it collector/max?


Year One[edit]

Bone Dragon Prince Rurik Shiro Tagachi Burning Titan Charr Shaman Kirin Fungal Wallow Hydra Jade Armor Jungle Troll Necrid Horseman Siege Turtle Temple Guardian Whiptail Devourer

Year Two[edit]

Gwen Lich Water Djinn Elf Koss Palawa Joko Aatxe Fire Imp Harpy Ranger Heket Warrior Juggernaut Mandragor Imp Thorn Wolf Wind Rider

Year Three[edit]

Mad King Thorn Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh White Rabbit Freezie Nornbear Ooze Abyssal Cave Spider Cloudtouched Simian Forest Minotaur Irukandji Mursaat Raptor Roaring Ether

Year Four[edit]

Eye of Janthir Dagnar Stonepate Flame Djinn Flowstone Elemental Jora Nian Abomination Desert Griffon Dredge Brute Krait Neoss Kveldulf Quetzal Sly Terrorweb Dryder Word of Madness

Year Five[edit]

M.O.X. King Adelbern Zhu Hanuku Candysmith Marley Oola Ventari Cobalt Scabara Fire Drake Ophil Nahualli Scourge Manta Seer Shard Wolf Seige Devourer Summit Giant Herder


Miniature Destroyer of Flesh Black Moa Chick Miniature Celestial Pig Miniature Celestial Rat Miniature Celestial Ox Miniature Celestial Tiger Miniature Celestial Rabbit Miniature Celestial Dragon Miniature Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh

Hall of Monuments[edit]