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In-game Liao Ming Lee
Guild Les Chevaliers du Libre (TUX)
OS Gnu/Linux (Ubuntu 9.04)
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Astohan Homepage
Welcome to my homepage.
I bought Guild Wars some days after its first release, so I have done almost everything possible in this game. I started this wiki userpage with the idea to share my experience about any build a good PvE player can use.

I am tired of those new players who think they know everything in this game possibilities : I am talking about people making poor builds, then posting in PvX Wiki (which is a world concentration of this kind of people), then using only PvX Wiki builds, and finally insulting you if you don't want to use 'Discordway' or 'Sabway' in Hard Mode (it is an example amongst hundred). Finally, I am tired of people complaining about Skills Updates without expressing constructive criticism.

Also, after some years using M$ Proprietary OS I decided to switch again for Gnu/Linux.

As I am playing Guild Wars under Ubuntu (Wine or Crossover Games) I can easily help any of you installing (or playing/configurating) Guild Wars under Wine: Go to my Talk Page for that.

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