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Athrun Feya [Shh]

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Hey, I'm Laura, a 20 year old student from euroland. I've been playing Guild Wars since the release of Factions and enjoy speeding through PvE with my friends log in probably twice a month now. My sister also plays the game, you can poke her here.

Account-based Titles[edit]

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My Characters[edit]

  • Athrun Feya (Necromancer)
  • Athrun Zi (Assassin)
  • Lady Athrun (Monk)
  • The Jaded Kinetic (Mesmer)
  • I Am Teh Tpyo Quene (Warrior)
  • For The Forgotten (Ritualist)
  • For The Broken (Paragon)
  • For The Damaged (Ranger)
  • For The Abandoned (Elementalist)
  • Lau Grey (Warrior)
  • Lumi Grey (Dervish)
  • Xerox The Sorcerer (Necromancer)
  • Great Hexpectations (Mesmer)

~ Redhead Blaze ~ Priesty ~ Sister Anna ~ Tifa ~ Lyndz ~ Andy Teh Bigfail ~ Zoddeh ~Teh Wickster ~ Karate Jesus ~ Chaos Messenger ~