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Daniel Frozenwind.(D.FW)

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About Me

Hello All! Welcome to the page of Aven! This is where many glorious things will probably never happen! You forget…if I’m involved things are bound to go wrong.

As Stated before my name is Aven, I’m a member of the Forever Knights and enjoy my time with the guild greatly! I’m relatively new to Role playing in Guild wars but experienced overall in the topic. I’ve been playing for a little over two years now. My hobbies include: Making builds, spending gold, getting new armor, role playing, PvE, making people cry with my Mesmer in Fort Aspenwood, helping others, Piña Colada’s, getting lost in the rain, long walks on the beach and clichés.

Country: USA
Server: American
Play style: Go big or go home
Favorite Skill: Pain Inverter
Favorite Color: forest green
My Videos: [AvenTube]