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About Me

Apart from having a dead end no-hope job,I try to go by the motto "work to live" and as such I do. I currently own two motorcycles (2004 Yamaha Fazer 600 and 1985 Honda CB650 "NightHawk") that both have their own definitive perks.

Having bikes generally means weekends away and the odd day trip (Thank you Stena-Line) to Scotland which have so far been fantastic.Mostly fresh tarmac,open roads and no fuzz around to ruin it all.Sheer bliss <3

I also spend a fair bit of online randomly surfing youtube for cool stuff.[1] [2]. Music wise,I tend to have a bit of everything but favour symphonic metal ie:NightWish,Within Temptation,Lacuna Soil,Evanesence,Apocalyptica,Northern Kings,Delain and various collaboration tracks and albums.

Onto gaming,while not a particularly active GW player now I do still login and have a look around,say hi to guildies and friends. I spend more time these days playing Trackmania nations than anything else,but I have a load of games installed and on steam so why not grab my xfire and add me.

And when that isn't enough I am also a moderator on Guild Wars Guru :)

Animate Flesh Golem.jpgAnimate Bone Horror.jpgAnimate Vampiric Horror.jpg


To be continued...

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