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If there are similarities between Raine and me, then it's the fact that we aren't usually organized when we think something up. Call it "iterative" or "evolving" design style, the fact that the first versions do usually look unfinished, unpolished idea chunks is something to be expected.


GW::REBOOT is a title given to my fledgling suggestion or idea or theorycrafting, you name it. It started out of the idea about forgetting the "no inherent effect" in attributes. Fire magic should increase all fire damage by a small percentage (even the ones done by your weapon!), smiting prayers the damage done to attacking foes, Domination magic the damage done by interrupts, Tactics should give some damage reduction, and Wilderness Survival the resilience against Spell Damage. These are just a few examples of course, as every attribute should have an inherent effect, giving better build flexibilities than 12/12, 12/9/9, 12/10/8, 11/10/10 attribute spreads.

Now the obvious drawback that comes to anyone's mind when he or she sees a suggestion about such a system is that it increases the complexity of the already numerous builds by at least a magnitude, which makes it even harder to balance. The possible solution to that issue comes from a relatively overlooked and deserted PvP arena type, which is called Codex Arena. It is the official 4v4 sealed deck arena, which uses a randomly changing set of skills to provide a very quickly shifting metagame to players. It is hovewer not a good way to farm points, and as such is overlooked by the general pvp community, mostly due to many players preferring GvG and custom sealed deck tournaments.

The idea is that a smaller selection of skills simplificates things. It is however not compatible with the wide open world of PvE with all the normal, monster and PvE skills wreaking havoc and causing the regular power level curve go nuts. In fact taking away a big number of skills from the players in an attempt to simplify the selection and then slowly add skills one by one to the lists has both technical and psychological limitations. The first one is obvious, but the second one basically means players will go QQ if they can't play their favourite skill anymore. This happens always at major skill rebalance updates, and some outcries are even justified, but a drastic and forced reduction of skill selection choices is generally hated by everyone. So it must be both optional, and isolated from the rest of the PvE.

So what's all that stuf mean?[edit]

GW::REBOOT means an isolated change to the attribute system and skill selection.

  • Players inside GW::REBOOT have a reduced choice of skills compared to the larger game. For each attribute, there are five skills the players can choose from, and as such a wider emphasis is placed on attribute point spread and execution, in addition to making the system easier to balance.
  • ALL attributes have inherent effects like ones mentioned above. This complements the loss of build variety from the reduced skill palette.
  • There are no elite skills and no pve skills in reboot mode. Elite skills have reduced the build variety options way too much, just like PvE skills, so let's return to the original state of the game when these distinctions didn't even exist, with reduced elite skill power of course. Certain skills (or even every skill in this mode) should be given a split version, like Fox Fangs(Reboot).
  • Custom/Reworked PvE areas to play in, because let's face it: you shouldn't be pitted against foes with overpowered stuff and numbers.



Functionality added: For each rank in Strength, you gain 1% damage reduction to all types of damage. Skills:

5 Energy3 Recharge time .

5 Energy15 Recharge time

5 Energy12 Recharge time

5 Energy15 Recharge time Skill. For 5...9...10 seconds you have 82...197...226 maximum health and 0...2...2 health regeneration.

10 Energy20 Recharge time Stance. For 4...11...13 seconds you have +40 armor and deal 5...11...12 more damage to attacking foes. Reworked stance to be a normal skill, as well as to be a tanking/linebacking stance.

Axe Mastery[edit]

The attribute remains the same

5 Energy4 Recharge time

5 Energy1 Activation time12 Recharge time Axe Attack. Interrupts an action. Interrupted skills are disabled for 8...18...20 seconds.

Hammer Mastery[edit]

The attribute remains the same

5 Energy6 Recharge time

5 Energy10 Recharge time

8 Adrenaline1 Activation time Hammer Attack. Causes knockdown if target was casting a spell.


The attribute remains the same

5 Energy6 Recharge time Sword Attack. Deals 5...27...32 more damage. Pure Strike can't be blocked if you are enchanted.

5 Energy12 Recharge time


"For each rank in tactics, all stances and shouts you use last 2% longer. Warrior stances and shouts last an additional 2% longer.

4 Adrenaline2 Recharge time


Beast Mastery[edit]

The attribute remains the same.

//note: charm animal was needed but it would have otherwise limited the beastmaster ranger options way too much


For each rank in expertise, your ranger skills cost 3% less energy. All your non-attack ranger skills activate 4% faster."


The attribute remains the same

Wilderness Survival[edit]

For each rank in Wilderness Survival, you take 2% less damage from spells and non-attack skills.


Divine Favor[edit]

Healing Prayers[edit]

Protection Prayers[edit]

Smiting Prayers[edit]


Fast Casting[edit]

Domination Magic[edit]

Illusion Magic[edit]

Inspiration Magic[edit]


Blood Magic[edit]


Death Magic[edit]

Soul Reaping[edit]


Air Magic[edit]

"You deal 1% more lightning damage, and blindness you inflict with spells also lasts 1% longer, per rank in Air Magic.'

Earth Magic[edit]

"You deal 1% more earth damage, and weakness you inflict with your spells lasts 1% longer, per rank in Earth Magic."

10 Energy¾ Activation time15 Recharge time Spell. For 3 seconds, you deal 15...51...60 earth damage each second. The first second hits adjacent foes, the second nearby ones, and the third hits all foes in the area and inflicts weakness for 5...14...16 seconds. Kind of like the original idea but with delayed hits to promote skilled play.

15 Energy1 Activation time5 Recharge time Half Ranged Spell.

15 Energy1 Activation time30 Recharge time

15 Energy1 Activation time20 Recharge time

5 Energy1 Activation time

Fire Magic[edit]

"You deal 1% more fire damage, and burning you inflict with your spells lasts 2% longer, per rank in Fire magic."

5 Energy1 Activation time1 Recharge time

10 Energy01.5Activation time7 Recharge time

10 Energy01.5Activation time20 Recharge time

15 Energy2 Activation time10 Recharge time Half Ranged Spell. deals 15...76...91 fire damage to foes adjacent to you. Deals an additional 15...39...45 fire damage and inflicts 1...3...4 seconds of burning to targets in front of you.

10 Energy1 Activation time2 Recharge time

Water Magic[edit]

"For each rank in Water Magic, you deal 1% more cold damage, and your water hexes last 2% longer."

10 Energy1 Activation time10 Recharge time

15 Energy¾ Activation time8 Recharge time

10 Energy1 Activation time12 Recharge time

10 Energy¾ Activation time30 Recharge time

15 Energy01.5Activation time12 Recharge time

Energy Storage[edit]

Remains the same.