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On my main account, across all characters I have played for: 2,440 Hours and 33 minutes over the past 50 months. This account has all campaigns and the expansion.
On my 2nd account, across all characters I have played for: 187 Hours and 15 minutes over the past 45 months. This account only has Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Factions(Collector's Edition).

I'm currently also an admin at the new gaming forums: Vendetta Syndicate Gaming Forum Accepting new members!!! :D Also feel free to check out my YouTube page where I have several Guild Wars videos I made: Chi's YouTube


  • Made a wiki page about [VS]!
  • Our guild, Guild:Vendetta Syndicate, is now rebuilding and recruiting! We are a small, close-knit Kurzick guild looking for PVE and PVP players interested in helping others and expanding the guild! For more details, whisper me in game (on my main account).

I update this page, and my character pages every few months. Below is a list of my current characters, with links to their individual sub-pages. Click on the links to learn more about each character if you would like. :D

Characters (Primary):
Paragon User:Chi Yuri/Bask In My Glory
Mesmer User:Chi Yuri/Beyond Mirrors
Ranger User:Chi Yuri/Chi Yuri
Assassin User:Chi Yuri/Digital Sea
Monk User:Chi Yuri/I Konstantine I
Elementalist User:Chi Yuri/I Shadow Genesis I
Necromancer User:Chi Yuri/Shi Seki (Deleted)
Dervish User:Chi Yuri/Sonic Fei Chi
Elementalist User:Chi Yuri/Sui Shin
Ranger User:Chi Yuri/V For Vertigo (PVP Character)
Warrior User:Chi Yuri/Vittoria Vendetta
Ritualist User:Chi Yuri/Voices On A String
Necromancer User:Chi Yuri/Yume No Shi

Characters (Secondary):
Monk User:Chi Yuri/I Glory Fades I
Ranger User:Chi Yuri/I Jade Sakura I (Deleted)
Ritualist User:Chi Yuri/Lively Miaoyu
Ritualist Melty McMeltface (PVP Character)
Assassin User:Chi Yuri/Sydney The Sly
Necromancer User:Chi Yuri/Vag Grind

Miniatures Owned:

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