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Things I feel like ranting about.

Jade Quarry[edit]


  • I have recently discovered that the NPCs in this Mission have abysmally low health when compared to players. Through observing Ray of Judgment being used on them, I have determined that they must have less than 338 health (the total damage dealt by Ray of Judgment at 16 Smiting Prayers with Burning) since they can be killed with just a single Ray of Judgment. By contrast, the default health for a level 20 player is 480, over 140 health more than the NPCs.

My Suggestion(s)[edit]

  • Raise the NPCs health to at least the default player health. This would have the added effect of reducing the effectiveness of the currently over-used RoJ Monk builds, forcing them to either use Arcane Echo or another AoE skill.

Fort Aspenwood[edit]


  • Luxon Priests have long been the most useless NPC in the entire mission. All they ever seem to do is use Protective Spirit, which with their 0 Divine Favor, is beyond useless when someone is dying of Health Degeneration. According to their article, they have Healing Breeze, however I have never seen them use it, not even on nearby Allies dying of Health Degeneration.

My Suggestion(s)[edit]

  • Fix the AI. This NPC should be using Healing Breeze on any nearby Ally with low Health, and yet uses it so rarely you might as well try to get a Luxon Longbow to heal you instead.


  • Very often, matches will end with the Luxon team at Master Architect Gunther attacking him and/or Gatekeeper Poletski and Gatekeeper Radik. Often, the NPCs are going to die but time runs out before they can be killed. This seems somewhat unfair to the Luxon team, as they already loose about 2 minutes to waiting for the Siege Turtles to move up.

My Suggestion(s)[edit]

  • Add a trigger to the Green Gate NPCs that adds 2 minutes to the timer the first time they are killed. This can easily be explained by the fact that since Gunther is supposedly constructing Gods' Vengeance, he would be slowed by the Luxons breaking in and attacking him. It also rewards a team for getting far into the base, as often Green Gate will not fall.

Dynamic Dishonor[edit]


  • This is an idea for an expansion of the current Dishonorable Combatant System. It is mostly focused on targeting people who leave matches prematurely. The idea is a simple one really; base the amount of dishonor points given on the amount of time that has passed in the match.


  • Starting at 10 dishonor points, the amount given would be reduced by 1 every certain number of minutes (based on the length of the round) after the match has started, stopping at 5 dishonor points. If a player leaves before the match has started, they are therefore given 10 dishonor points.
Match Length # of minutes
10 1
15 1.5
20 2
25 2.5
30 3


  • This idea is based on the fact that someone leaving earlier in a match is more detrimental than later on in the match. A player who leaves before a match has even started obviously has no respect for other players and so should be penalized with having to wait 10 minutes before entering another match.