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User Damaskinos Jhamira.jpg
Species Human
Profession Necromancer
Level 20
Achievement(s) Eternal Hero of Elona
Eternal Hero of Cantha
Holy Lightbringer (8)
Legendary Spearmarshal (10)
Guild Angl
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North

Jhamira was my first character. I enjoyed the look of the necromancer and thought she would be fun. Unfortunately, after a month of playing through the game I got stuck in Vabbi (Grand Court of Sebelkeh). I gave up and created another character. I eventually returned to her when I realized the build i had been using on her was basically garbage with little focus.


Minion Master Build

Deathly Swarm Dark Bond Mystic Regeneration Blood of the Master Animate Bone Horror Animate Shambling Horror Order of Undeath Signet of Lost Souls

Spiteful Spirit Build

Arcane Echo Spiteful Spirit Mark of Pain Insidious Parasite Enfeebling Blood Necrosis Pain Inverter Signet of Lost Souls


  • Ancient Armor



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