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Hi! Welcome to my user page. Here you can find some information about me, my characters and what the hell I'm doing on this wiki.

Feel free to contact me by using my talk page or send me an email through the wiki. Both will be checked several times a day (except I'm out with my family).

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about me

I play Guild Wars since about september 2006, so I'm fairly new to it. Non the less I try to pick up every bit of information I can get. I typically play about 3 hours a day or longer, so I think I cought up the later start.

Most of my online time I play with my guild mates. We are a bit older (average age of about 30) but have much fun playing PVE. My girlfriend and me founded that guild and invited some friends. Now we are about 20 and all have very much fun together.

In RealLifeTM I live in Aachen, Germany, with my girlfriend and my daughter.

my guild

Der Mitternachtsclub [DMC] is a group of young-at-heart players who want to have fun together. Success in a special mission is not desperately needed - we even have more fun when we bite the dust. Nonetheless were pretty successfull when doing normal PVE missions or elite missions like Urgoz's Warren. We are more or less addicted PVE players and settled with PVP after some tries. Sometimes we go into some Alliance Battles to gain faction, but basicly that's it.

  • Monk Stefan Moonlight
  • Ritualist Stefan Mondfeuer
  • Ranger Stefan Mondnacht
  • Paragon Stefan Paramond
  • Unknown Schmer Zen Der Moon (PVP)
  • some mules