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About Me[edit]

I'm Dj Popcorn

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Guild Wars[edit]

In game Dj Popcorn

Fan Box[edit]

If you like my show or are a fan, feel free to use this User box.

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You can reach me through My talk page on this wiki.

You can also reach me in game: DJ Popcorn

Or Email me at:

Up Coming Events On Blade Radio[edit]

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  • Click here for more information on upcoming events in Guild wars, brought to you by Blade Radio.


Wolfie - The Owner & Founders of Blade Radio. This owner also Dj's very rarely, so its a special treat if you get to hear him on air.

Human Resources

Opal-- Manager


Dan Rubin


Tesla - Lead Trainer

Event Organizers

Daniel Frozenwind -- Events & Community Relations Manager

Dj Tesla -- Events

Head Vent Admin(s)

  • Fizzle --Manager
  • Die All

Fellow DJ's

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DJ Midknight DJ Queido* DJ Pleiades * DJ Gemini *
DJ Hex * DJ Rekka Arashi DJ Ghost * DJ Vegas *
DJ Mari DJ Turbo Dj Riff DJ Wolf DJ Popple*
DJ Argh DJ Ripple DJ Chaotic DJ Drewsipher DJ Eliot Beta* Dj ChewToy
DJ Tesla DJ Darkfang DJ Giggles DJ Bacon
DJ Mister Pink* Dj Kelli Dj Quiz *