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In Memory
<3 Jason Perry aka Avatar Of Hugs <3
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R.I.P. Aura of the Lich - December 11 2008
In Other News...
Guess I have no other news!

Hey there!

Master Saji here. Long time user and fairly new editor and contributor (See Armor Galleries :P) of GWW and I'm still getting the hang of setting up user pages (As you can tell from mine). I'm actually a big coder who has worked on HTML a lot in the past and still new to working with PHP and MySQL but always learning, along with wiki-code, which I always seem to learn something new to everytime I edit something. I also am a photoshop amateur as well a video editor, when the opportunity arises (which isn't often, sadly enough), course I tend to stick to image editing mostly but have been known to do abstract images from time to time, along with the occasional C4D abstract.

Also, I'am part of the GWW Helper Program, so, if you have a question concerning user page editing or just plain editing in general, hit me up and I'll do the best I can to help :)

Guild Wars

I have been playing Guild Wars ever since the public beta back in '05. It's been a long and bumpy journey to get to where I am now, but it's been worth it. Currently though, I find myself too burnt out on the game and have been caught only playing the game to farm, hang out in my Guild Hall and stalk my guild-mates, and on the rare occasion, PvP on a weekend. But so long as I have my guild, I will never truly be able leave Guild Wars, although I have threatened to :P

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