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About Me[edit]

Tidus MidKngiht is my main charactor. My baby persay. I'm also known as Dj Midknight for Blade Radio.

Well lets see were do you all want me to start. Lol Well I am a 28 year old male from New Brunsiwck Canada, and I realy love to play games. I own myself a 360 and a Ps3 if so the explains alot lol. Oh you want to know about my taste in music do you. Well if you have ever listened to my Show on Bladeradio you would already know that I like a Wide range of music, everything from techo, to metal. But I would almost say that metal is my altime fav.

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Guild Wars[edit]

Well what can i say i'm a PVE nerd, I total pwen in PVE, but i would like to break out into pvp soon. i have 15 chars to may name and 3 accounts so that how ded i am to GW.

Fan User Box[edit]

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Contact Me[edit]

You can reach me through My talk page on this wiki.

You can also reach me in game: Dj Midknight / Tidus Midknight/ Kelli Midknight

Or Email me at:

Also post any questions on my talk page.

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